Monday August 13, 2012

Tickle Me Pink

Maternity chic

Top (similar)   |   Pants (Last seen here)   |   Shoes

It’s official! Bring on the pink because we are having a GIRL!

10 Things I am really excited about …

1. SHOPPING! because let’s face it, dressing up little girls is so much fun!

2. Sharing the same relationship my mom and I have with my girls . There is no stronger bond than a mother-daughter relationship.

3. Having another little baker/helper around the house.

4. My little Naomi being a big sister now. Getting a little teary just thinking about it.

5. Watching Naomi help out with her baby sister, like “helping” me wipe her face like she already does to every kid in Nursery haha!

6. Dancing in tutus all day long!

7. Decorating two more rooms of the house in PINK!

8. Watching both my girls fall in love with their dad and wait for him by the front window, like Naomi does now.

9. Another excuse to watch reruns of my (I mean, Naomi’s) favorite movie: The Little Mermaid!!

10. Being showered with hugs and kisses every single day!

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Comments (3)  
  1. I am Super EXCITED for you guys!!! Like always you are a super cute model mom!!!

  2. AnaV says:

    Yes!!! She is!!! I love her.

  3. Katie Sharrah says:

    I am so excited for you!! I love you Karen! Love Katie Sharrah

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