Monday October 29, 2012

A Touch of Luxe

Maternity chic

A special thanks to my sister Melanie for helping me with this photo shoot!

Top: Seraphine Maternity (Luxe Collection), Treggings: Seraphine Maternity, Shoes: Similar style here, Purse:  White House/Black Market (Last seen here)

I’ve been hesitant in the past to buy lots of maternity specific clothes, but Seraphine Maternity is one of the main reasons I’ve come to change my mind. They have done an outstanding job catering to exactly what a pregnant woman wants and needs. Not only in size and fit but in bringing luxury and high style to pregnancy. And you all know how much I love looking chic! They’ve done such a good job in fact, that Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Angelina Jolie are also wearing the high quality European designer for their pregnancies.

But more than for their A-list clients, the quality of the materials they use, the inspiration they take from the latest fashion trends and their carefully thought out designs which flatter and provide comfort are what has made me fall in love with Seraphine and their Luxe maternity collection.

I recently got this gorgeous black and gold tunic which has become one of my favorite pieces. This elegant top instantly transformed my view of maternity clothes. I thought this was going to be a regular tunic but boy was I wrong! It feels so flowy and feminine I almost wanted to spin around like my daughter wearing a fun dress for the first time. It is incredibly light and comfortable because of it’s silky, sheer material and feels like a dream to wear. I’m a huge fan of outfits that feel and fit great, while still looking chic and trendy, and this doesn’t disappoint.

It is beautifully designed. The black base color has a slimming effect on the body and makes the metallic gold pattern pop that much more. As a tunic the length is also a huge plus because it doesn’t stop at your widest point but instead creates a sleek flattering silhouette by continuing down to around your thighs. This piece does something even better though. When I wear it with black bottoms it ties the blacks together and disguises the break between the top and bottom. The rounded gold pattern breaks it up further and tricks the eye into thinking that the tunic just keeps going, elongating your body that much more.

The belt just above my bump is equally creative in it’s usefulness and style. You’d think it’s just a normal, well placed, flattering belt to highlight your best parts by breaking up your bump from your bust. But it actually does much more than just look good. The belt actually has two hidden ties, one in front and another in back that enable you to keep it in perfect position at all times. As I’m sure you all know, this is incredibly helpful when trying to keep clothes in place over an 8 month baby bump (and take a bunch of pictures)! They clearly understand pregnant women’s struggle and went the extra mile to make it easy to look good and stay comfortable, all while hiding underneath a beautiful and unassuming belt.

Maybe the best thing about this outfit is the fact that it looks great on a pregnant body, but it will be just as gorgeous after giving birth. This beloved tunic will fall perfectly on my post-preggo body and look just as amazing. It’s definitely worth investing in high quality pieces like this when you can feel beautiful and be able to use it for longer than just the 2-3 months when you’re super pregnant. Overall, the slimming base color, feminine, silky material and metallic gold pattern make this piece both chic, Luxe, and a must have for pregnancy.

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  1. Ana V.T. says:

    I love how fine and delicate looks in you! Seraphine Maternity is the best!!! I’m not pregnant but I’d wear it.

  2. Jessica says:

    Soooo cute! It looks like it’s comfortable too! When I was pregnant I always wished there were cute clothes out there for pregnant girls that wanted to look cute and still be comfortable! I hated tight clothes.. it made me feel huge! 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    ps: I love the pattern/design! I want it! and I am not even pregnant!

  4. Hink says:

    I wish you were my personal stylist!

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