Monday October 15, 2012

Nice and Cozy: The Snug

Maternity chic

Photographs by Lizzy Jean Photography

Top: Motherhood (Last seen here), Scarf: Bohme Boutique in stores, Pants: Bohme Boutique, Boots: old, Charlotte Russe

Growing a baby is hard work and I have the aches, pains and bodily discomforts to prove it. For days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I put on the coziest clothes I can find in my closet to give me that ultimate comfort I desperately need to get me through. Remember gals, coziness doesn’t mean to pull on a pair of baggy old sweats, this is true especially during pregnancy.  When it comes to staying comfortable but still looking fabulous, a good rule of thumb is to choose pieces that are fitted or hug you in all the right places. What do i mean by that? Well, for example you can still wear clothes that are loose and flowy, like this sweater i’m wearing above, as long as you pair it with a structured jacket or the top itself comes with ruching on the sides. That way you make sure only your best features and curves are shown and it will always give you that flattering silhouette all of us, pregnant women, look for in an outfit. Follow this simple rule and wear your bump proudly!

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  1. Sanah says:

    You’re one hot pregnant lady !

  2. Tiff says:

    I am seriously loving your blog! I’m pregnant with my 5th (!) child, and as I’ve looked at maternity clothes, I’ve been disappointed to discover everything that my usual haunts offered was….ugly. I felt sad to think of six more months of feeling even less like myself because not only is my body completely changing, but I can’t wear clothes that feel like ME. I randomly found your blog on Pinterest and instantly started following and taking notes. For the first time ever, I’m excited to dress a pregnant body!!! Thank you.

    I wonder if you could post (or email me) some tips for how you’re still using some pre-pregnancy pieces (pants especially, but also skirts). Are you using belly bands, the old elastic band trick, or something else? With tighter shirts, how do you avoid the belly button dent (or protrustion, depending on if you’ve reached that point)? Any recommendations for shoes that look great but are comfortable for swelling feet, or just running after other children all day? You look so super HOT in heels in so many of these posts, but I just can’t do heels very often with my knees and back more strained from pregnancy. 🙂 These are the things I’m still trying to figure out….

    Thanks again for an amazing and inspiring blog!

  3. Ana V.T. says:

    Every time I go to your blog I want to be pregnant….just to look like you.

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