Thursday May 30, 2013

Boho-Chic with 4th Love Maternity

Maternity chic


Feeling comfortable never looked so good! While most girls dream of a beautiful summer wedding, nobody looks forward to being pregnant during the summer and bearing the heat and humidity with their growing, pregnant body.  Summer can be hot, exhausting and extra uncomfortable when you’re carrying around a little person inside you. But with this light, breathable material 4th Love has created a perfect summer blouse for all body shapes during every stage of pregnancy.

You may have seen my post about the importance of having a go-to white blouse that you can dress up or down and use in all kinds of outfits. Last time we looked at a more fitted, structured blouse but today, in preparation for the summer we’re reviewing a more bohemian style. Depending on your personal style you can dress this up (my personal preference) with trousers or treggings, a classy clutch and a colorful necklace (like this gorgeous one from Ily Couture). Or if you prefer a more laid back style, you can go with a tan beach pant, dangly necklace and oversized boho bag. Either way, this blouse works perfect!


Something unique I noticed about this blouse was that the cut was different than I was used to. Susan talks about designing her maternity line specifically to fit any body type and to be comfortable throughout pregnancy and I can now see why. The best way to describe it is a “tulip shape” since the fabric bows out around your stomach but then comes back towards your body just below your waist making the curved shape of a tulip. It is a great way to draw your eyes around your expected belly and down towards your legs, giving you a great silhouette. That’s one of the reasons I personally like this with more fitted pants.


As your body grows to accommodate the baby inside the tulip shape means you’ll still have plenty of room for you belly, and no matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in it should still be flattering on your body. You want your clothes to show off your body in a subtle way and to drape over you (gracefully) instead of cling to you (always the worst places). If you feel like you need a little extra structure, you can always add a matching belt to highlight the narrow point between your bust and your bump to further accentuate your silhouette.

As you check out Susan’s site at you can also read her inspiring story of becoming a mompreneur after 10 years in the advertising world and how her company gives 10% of profits to organizations that focus on improving prenatal care. Plus everything is manufactured in the US to support domestic job growth. Who can say no to that!




Blouse   |   Pants   |   Necklace  |   Clutch

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Katy says:

    Any tips on wearing a white button-up like that to work? I have one that I’ve had a hard time incorporating into my wardrobe. For one thing, I hate pants, so I usually just wear skirts, but it can leave you looking a little shapeless. Is there any way to wear it with a skirt?

    Actually, today I have it on underneath a strapless dress as sort of a jumper look, and it looks pretty cute.

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