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The Baby Food Breakdown by Hello Little Scout

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Hello mommies! I am Jamie Sefcik from Hello Little Scout. I’m married to the love of my life and a first time mom to our sweet little boy Bentley. A Utah girl at heart, but now living life in the fast lane of Los Angeles. I am a lover of beach days, chocolate chip cookies and last but not least, green smoothies! Hello Little Scout journals our life, my attempts at being domestic, and most importantly learning mommy hood!

Hello Little Scout feature As moms, we want to provide the best and healthiest options for our babies. Today I will be sharing how to do that with The Baby Food Breakdown!

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When our doctor gave us the okay to start introducing baby food to Bentley when he turned 4 months, I knew I wanted to make my own. It was important for me to feed Bentley food that was as nutritional and fresh as possible. I wanted to do something that I felt would benefit him and also be a good transition to what we normally eat on a day to day basis. I didn’t feel that he would get that from a jar. To be completely honest though, I found myself putting it off for weeks thinking it was going to be such a hassle! I thought it was going to be so time consuming and as moms, extra time is not something we have a lot of! It wasn’t until I actually did it that I realized how wrong I was.

In those weeks that I put off making my own baby food, I could not believe the amount of money we were spending! With my husband being a full time dental student and me being a stay at home mom, we needed something that would be cost effective.

Let me put this into perspective for you:

1 4 oz jar of baby food costs roughly .50-.65 cents and is maybe enough for one meal.

I paid $4.50 for a bag of organic carrots from Costco and made 50 days worth of “dinners” for Bentley.

{on average 3 cubes}

Seriously, almost 2 months worth of food for under $5!? There was NO COMPARISON. Once I realized how dramatic the difference was, there was no way I could justify not doing it myself.

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A few Tips:


  • Everything I bought was Organic; which is completely personal preference. I do suggest however if you are using one of the {Dirty Dozen} to go with Organic. It may cost a little more but I think it’s worth it for those babies!
  • What worked for me was buying everything at once and spending a day or two during nap time or whenever I had free time cooking, blending, and freezing everything! After a few hours spent, I usually have stocked up enough food for a couple of months!
  • When starting your baby on solids start with one fruit or vegetable at a time and feed them only that one for a few days. That way if your baby has a food allergy you will be able to better determine what it is.
  • Once your baby has gotten used to a lot of different fruits and vegetables, start mixing them. The options are endless! A few of our favorites have been apple, pear, and squash. Sweet potato, apple, and carrot. Green Peas, squash, and pear.
  • Some purees are thinner or thicker than others. If they are too thin, I add rice cereal/oatmeal to thicken them. If they are really thick, I will add water to thin them out.


Here’s What You Need:


  •  A Blender

Some brands will lead you to believe that you need their product in order to make your own baby food. Do not believe them! All you need is a blender!

(a food processor or stick blender will work as well)

  • Ice Cube Trays
  • Ziplock Bags


Let’s Get Started!


  1. 1. Prepare your produce! A good guideline to follow is simmering fruits, steaming vegetables, and baking sweet potato and squash.


  1. 2. Once prepared, it’s time to blend! Transfer your produce into the blender. You want to make sure everything is as soft as possible so your blender can easily do the job. If you need to, you can add water to help!


  1. 3. Evenly distribute the puree into ice cube trays. Let freeze for at least 3-4 hours.
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  1. 4. Once frozen, transfer cubes into ziplock bags with as many cubes that will fit! I usually will double the bag to make sure they stay as      fresh as possible.

When your little one is ready to eat, grab as many cubes that you want and microwave for 30-60 seconds.

baby food breakdown

The most common complaint that I hear from moms about making their own baby food is the lack of being able to take it on the go. I knew there had to be an easy way! Here is one of our favorite tips that we use.

Did you know that the tip of a bulb sucker will fit into the opening of any store bought pouch? Once you have warmed up the food cubes just enough that they can be sucked up into the bulb sucker (make sure your bulb sucker is all clean inside) squeeze it into the pouch. We’ve taken these out for snacks and they’ve always stayed good for us. Just make sure the puree is still cold when you do it.

baby food feature 5

 Personally, when I am eating healthy I am at my best and I can perform to my best. Wouldn’t we want that for our children as well? It’s so important to give them that head start when they are young! Once you try making your own baby food, you will never go back!

 Happy cooking mommies! 🙂

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via Hello Little Scout!

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  1. Reima A. says:


    I was just wondering how do you get the inside of those store bought food pouches clean?

  2. Melanie says:

    This is amazing!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nicole says:

    Little Green Pouch has reusable pouches that can fit just about anything!! I am not paid by them, just one happy mama with all the money I’m saving! thought I’d pass it along!

  4. Jessica says:

    Do you make and freeze bananas? Do they go brown?

  5. Erin says:

    This is great! Thanks for the advise. I can’t wait to try this with veggies from my garden (all organic of course). I just wanted to mention they do make reusable pouches for on-the-go feedings, I don’t know but they may be easier to clean or fill since they’re meant to be reused. Thanks again!

  6. lauren says:

    I place the cubes I want in a ziplock bag and just place the bag in hot water from restaurant, etc then cut or bite hole in corner of the bag and squeeze the puree out into a cup or bowl. Also Tommy tipped makes a thermost I have heard great things about, you boil or microwave water pour into thermost and it stays hot for like 13 hours to heat bottle or thaw food.

  7. Taylor says:

    Ask family or friends to save old baby food jars they’ve used or buy small plastic containers to store food in and on the go you can put it in a carry on cooler bag and let it thaw on its on 🙂

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