Friday October 25, 2013

Friday Night

Maternity chic

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It’s the weekend!  As women, we are natural nurturers and we are often taking care of others.  It is important to also take some time to ourselves to unwind, to relax and get out of the routine a little bit.  It’s good for your emotional, mental and physical health!  Tonight my sisters and I are having girls night.  We are going out to dinner and then we are going shopping while we catch up (even though we text and call each other 5 times a day!) We will finish each other’s sentences as we always do,  laugh hysterically until our bellies hurt, tell each other “don’t tell anyone but..” secrets and probably end the night brainstorming on new upcoming projects you’ll see on the blog soon! We can’t wait to share!

Have a wonderful weekend!




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  1. dee says:

    I LOVE everything, especially those green pants! They don’t even look like maternity wear! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Kate says:

    Love those pants!

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