Monday November 25, 2013

Maternity Style with H&M

Maternity chic

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It’s tough to find clothes that fit you well during pregnancy, but did you know that many of your favorite brands carry a Maternity line? What??! H&M does, and so does LOFT (Gasp!) AND  JCrew! (alas only maternity bottoms, but hey we’re not complaining!), and many others.

If you’re looking for clothes that are on the trendier side, but worried about the fit, hitting your nearest H&M store is definitely worth your time. The clothes are hip and casual comfortable for every day wear, and between their maternity section and the rest of the two floor store, you’re sure to find something to make you and that baby bump feel beautiful.

The last time we were there this satin tunic stood out to me. It’s long enough to use as a dress if paired with dark opaque tights. It’s flowy yet flattering thanks to the cinch that draws in the extra fabric around your sides and back. That little half-belt is what makes this piece stand out because it gives your body shape and lets your feminine silhouette show. Plus, in this neutral color, you can wear it with pretty much anything and it compliments most skin colors.

As a head’s up, the maternity section obviously doesn’t have every item that the rest of the store does. In general, most of the items you’ll find in the maternity section at your favorite stores are basics, but don’t let this deter you. You can start there and get the base for your outfit and grab something a little flashier from the rest of the store if you need. That’s why we added this fun, structured jacket, also found at H&M. The shoulder detail add some flair and the cut was fitted and has a flattering, slanted line that elongates your body to completes the look.

Don’t miss out on your next great outfit because you aren’t looking in the right places. And have fun, and stay chic!



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