Wednesday December 04, 2013

How Many Things Can You Fit Into Your TWELVElittle Bag?

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TWELVElittle – Allure weekender bag

I don’t know about all of you, but I accumulate more stuff around the holidays than at any other time during the year. Normally that means that I’m dragging around even more things with me to the doctor, to preschool, to the grocery store, and everywhere in between. But not this year!

TWELVElittle  recently reached out to me and introduced me to their wonderful Allure Weekender Bag and it has been perfect for the season. We played around with this magical bag and amazed all the kids that a huge garland, half our tree ornaments, a snow globe and even their little sister could fit inside.

There are a million different types of diaper bags out there, each with a zillion different designs, pockets and “features.” But somehow, no matter how many pockets it has, nobody considered that I carry more than just diapers and wipes in it. I (and I assume most of you moms out there) toss in my makeup bag, snacks for the kids (and me hehe), extra clothes for the inevitable messes that will happen, and a bunch of other stuff and my diaper bag has turned into an everything-I-could-possibly-need-bag.

The weekender bag is wonderful because it was meant specifically for carrying extra stuff. But its not just an enormous diaper bag. It’s meant as a travel companion, so it’s got just enough pockets and flaps to store basic mom gear, but there’s the right amount of space left for a pair of shoes, your iPad, or whatever else you may want but can’t fit in your pocket.

And as most diaper bags eventually get referred to as “black holes” for stuff, we thought it would be fun to show what kinds of things could actually fit in TWELVElittle’s perfectly sized weekender bag. They weren’t kidding about it being “toddler-proof” either!

Also, you can let your husbands know that TWELVElittle bags are meant to be cute enough for us, but functional enough for them. My husband is wonderful and will dutifully carry around the flowery, girly, diaper bag whenever I need, but I think he felt a little better about helping out this week with something a little more unisex.

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  1. Julia Min says:

    Absolutely love the pictures. Love the tree and the bag!!! Your family is beautiful!

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