Friday December 06, 2013

Winter Pregnancy Style with Envie de Fraises Prt.1

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Bonjour a mes amis! I’m so excited to introduce you to a brand I’ve been following for quite some time that just recently launched a line in America.

Here’s a quick intro from Envie de Fraises’ website:

“Embrace your beautiful shape during pregnancy with the latest trends and stunning fabrics, as our designers provide the best quality in ready-to-wear maternity clothing. From glam-chic dresses to casual jeans, you can rely on our wide-ranging collections to enrich every aspect of your wardrobe, whilst flattering your beautiful shape.”

So I know that a cape might seem a little intimidating to pull off, but you seriously have to give it a try! It is super chic and so much fun to wear.  This winter as it gets colder you’ll be looking for ways to stay warm and get enough coverage to venture out into the cold weather. A cape is a great way to bundle up and do something totally different from a traditional jacket or blazer.

The arm slits are perfectly placed which is actually a bigger deal than you might imagine. So if you’re worried about it being restrictive because it lays over your arms, no need to worry. This cape flows with your body and is thick enough to really keep you warm as the temperatures drop. The tunnel neck adds structure and form to the cape and is like having a stylish, modern scarf built in to your outfit.

I was also impressed with Envie de Fraises’ attention to detail. The squared leather and metal belt add to this already uber chic cape and most importantly, they seriously know how to dress and accentuate any pregnant body. You wouldn’t assume so but it actually feels quite well fitted. I think it’s the collar that made me realize it but the way the cape falls on your body feels like someone definitely thought through it. Plus, it has the perfect length to cover hips and thighs and keep baby cozy from the cold winter weather.

Be on the watch for a couple other items from them soon. Yay for French style!


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Here is a look at their new Fall/Winter Collection:

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