Tuesday December 10, 2013

Winter Pregnancy Style with Envie de Fraises Prt.2

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 Blazer   |   Dress, similar here + here   |    Belt   |   Necklace, similar

Beautiful dresses are as much a part of the holidays as mistletoe and Christmas trees. We’ve talked about finding bold colors (link) and how to look classy without being overdone (link) so you and your baby are the belles of the ball this season.

Today we wanted to show you a little tip about how to finish off the look once you’re found “the dress.” We got this lovely number at Motherhood (link) and love it. It’s a beautiful and bright color but the black brocade pattern tones it down just enough and adds sophistication to the dress.

But once you have the dress, how to you create an outfit? With this piece we highlighted the gold and glimmer from the belt with a blingy gold necklace. It looks flashy while still classy and brightens up the dress that much more.

This black blazer, from Envie de Fraises is the perfect way to tie into the black brocade pattern and gives you a great way to layer your outfit too. It’s light enough that you can still wear a jacket or peacoat if it’s really cold, but long sleeved and cut to fall just above your waist so you’ll still get coverage and warmth if you need it. Plus, the drape front adds interesting lines and balances out a more fitted dress. It gives you the option of looking a little less formal for when you’re on a date or grabbing dinner, but not necessarily at an evening party.

We found that you can also wear it with other outfits, like jeans and a nice blouse or even a collared shirt from the office for a “Friday-night-out” look. Stay warm, and look chic this season!

For more on Envie de Fraises, check out Winter Pregnancy Style with Envie de Fraises Prt. 1


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