Tuesday January 28, 2014

The Ballerina Skirt

Maternity chic





Top  |  Skirt|  Necklace

Trendy and fun, this ballerina skirt is flowy, feminine, and elongates your body. It’s a great way to feel girly, and appear thinner while drawing attention away from your growing bump. Plus, these skirts tend to have very elastic waists so they will never feel tight or restrictive during your pregnancy.

When paired with a warm sweater it makes a great cozy outfit for those chilly winter days. And when spring comes around you can lighten things up with a simple fitted shirt and a blazer or jacket (see example below). A touch of leather is an easy way to add some edge to your look while keeping an overall feminine feel.

To complete the outfit you can add almost any type of jewelry. White gold, pearls, and even simple metals will all look classy with your elegant pastel skirt. Especially when paired with ballerina flats or metallic heels.

For a few more ideas on what to pair with a tulle ballerina skirt, check out the images below.


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