Thursday January 30, 2014

The Unisex Diaper Bag You’ll Both Love

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As wonderful and sweet as my husband is when he packs up the pink, girly, flower covered purse that technically is called a diaper bag and takes the girls with him on “an adventure” for a bit, I always laugh a little inside .

Whether they’re just running to Costco to pick up groceries or going on a daddy-daughter date to get ice cream or play on the jungle gym at the park, he’s got that pretty little mom-on-the-go bag with him, full of diapers, snacks, extra clothes for the kiddos… and my lip gloss, my mascara, some extra earrings, my snacks, and a million other things of mine that he could probably do without.

Well the time has come to give my man a real man’s diaper bag!

The Unisex Courage Tote Bag from TWELVElittle is a perfect combination for our family because it’s super functional with just the right amount of pockets, slick, modern design that works for both of us, and enough room for “his” or “her” things along with the kid’s stuff. My husband especially liked the different handles that made it feel more like a “laptop bag, but for the kid’s stuff” and allowed him to not have to carry it like a purse.

The neutral colors and leather trim makes this bag feel classy, and goes with almost any outfit without losing the ability for either you or your spouse to sport it with confidence (and no giggles).

After sporting this bag for a few outings, my husband has pretty much adopted it as his “daddy-on-the-go” bag and keeps it ready for more hot cocoa outings just like this one.

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