Wednesday February 12, 2014

Bold Colors Maternity Style

Maternity chic

 Here is another maternity work wear look we put together for Pink Blush Maternity.  You can check out the original post we wrote for them here.

work5 mychcibump


Top  |  Pants  |  Shoes  |  Necklace

Playing with bold patterns or bold colors can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be!  You can balance it out with solid color pants or maybe just try doing a bold color lip first and see how you feel?  During my first pregnancy, you would of never seen me wearing anything that bright or bold.  I wasn’t comfortable with how my body was changing and all though I was over the moon because we were expecting our first baby, I figured that fashion wasn’t for me during that time and to be honest it wasn’t a priority.  I was all about being comfortable so most of the time I wore sweats and stretchy tops.  I thought “maternity fashion”  was only for celebrities.  

What I realize now that I didn’t realized then is that fashion is a way to express one self.  When I was pregnant the second time around, I wanted to wear or look like how I felt: Bold colors when I was excited and happy or when I was convinced that I was going to have an exciting day!  Pastels when I felt sweet and found myself daydreaming of a little girl joining our family.  Black or White when I felt more chic and wanted to look sophisticated.

The best part of learning how to embrace my pregnancy and dressing my bump according to how I felt is that it made me feel like I was still me.  I didn’t get lost in the process of pregnancy, I still loved me and took care of my self and that made my pregnancy so much more enjoyable.  When people would tell me that I was glowing I actually believed them.  Fashion is not what others think of you but what it makes you feel.  If you feel beautiful and happy it will radiate on the outside and others will see it as well.

So give it a go, play with patterns, bold colors, solid colors, take some selfies, and have a wonderful fashionable day!


K & J

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Thank you to everybody that entered The New Mom Essentials Giveaway.  The winner is Lilly Zara!  We had so much fun putting it together for you!

 Check often for future giveaways and more maternity fashion!

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