Tuesday March 04, 2014

5 Essential Tips For Wearing Bold Pieces The Right Way

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As winter comes to a close, it’s only natural to break out the bold colors to welcome in the warmer weather. But how bold is too bold? Here are a few tricks to make a splash, without going overboard.

1. Wear bold prints – Prints are great because while they are attention grabbing and fun, they usually aren’t bright colors so they don’t become overwhelming as fast. Just make sure to pick one main piece for the print, so you stay classy.

2. Pair a bold print with a bold color – The jacket and dress are bold in different ways, the print is a little wild, while the jacket is bright and  fun. By pairing them together you get two “bold” pieces without sacrificing style.

3. Removable bold – By bringing in the bold color with a jacket, or some other layer that can be  reasonably taken off you are essentially building in a release valve for your “boldness.” You can wear the jacket all night, or use it strategically when you want to be noticed. It’s up to you!

4. Keep it simple – You’ll notice that we didn’t go crazy with jewelry for this outfit. In fact, often, bright colors come in to an outfit through accessories like a purse, belt, or scarf. So since we’re using the bright color through the jacket, we went light on accessories.

5. Neutral shoes – Again, since the bold prints and colors come in through our main outfit pieces, we are going to tone down our shoes so we aren’t distracting from the rest of the outfit.

There you go! 5 easy tips for dressing bold, and staying classy! Enjoy the warming weather, and have fun with bright new colors and prints. And please tag us (on instagram) when you do so we can see what great outfits each of you are putting together.


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