Friday May 30, 2014

Birth Story: Low Fluid-Giving Birth At 37 Weeks

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On Wednesday May, 14 I had  my weekly doctors appointment.  I was 37 weeks & 5 days.  At my previous appointment a week earlier I was at 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  I had been having lots of contractions and signs of labor off & on the past couple weeks.  I had also had some fluid leaks but thought it was probably just pee or normal stuff.  I did not want to go to the hospital like I did with My first daughter twice for false alarms, so I didn’t take it too seriously since it wasn’t a ton of fluid.

So I go into my appointment and she checks me, I’m at a 5 and 90% effaced, then she measures my tummy as she does every appointment, But this time she says ” Weird you are measuring more like 35 weeks today, which is very strange since you have been always measuring right on track.”  She insisted we go into the ultrasound room to check out baby.  I am very nervous at this point and get a sick feeling in my stomach.  She starts the ultrasound and looks all around and has a concerned look on her face.  She then tells me that I have almost zero fluid left.  At this point I should have between 12-15 ounces of fluid & I have about 3.  Then she says “You are going to have this baby today!”  I’m shocked, scared, anxious, and start crying.  She tells me not to worry that baby looks healthy but she will grow better outside the womb.  She tells me to head to labor and delivery.

I run out of there immediately call Husband, I can’t really talk cause I’m a blubbery mess.  He is panicked and is crying and all i get out is to come home now, that baby has to come today.  I run home to tell my neighbor/friend what’s going on and to see if she can watch my daughter until my sister in law can come get her, right when I get there It hits me that today would be the day she wouldn’t be my only girl anymore ad for some reason it made me so emotional, I didn’t want to let her go.  But I had to run to the house grab my hospital bag,  My husband gets there and we are both crying and hug each other for a good 5 minutes.  Finally we arrive at the hospital about 1 pm in the afternoon.  They hook me all up to the IV’s and Pitocin.  About 30 min later my doctor comes to break my water,  which is more like a trickle compared to last time since I had almost no fluid left.  After that my contractions become strong and really close together,  I decide it’s epidural time about 3:00.  Once it kicked in I was in heaven.  I LOVE epidurals.  At this point I was just relaxing, eating popsicles, laughing, and waiting to dilate more.  It’s 4:50 and they check me and say I’m still only at a 6, then my mom walks in and I ask her to rub my feet with the Clary Sage Doterra Oil (it’s suppose to help dilate you)  After she rubs my feet for like 10 min.  They come in again to check me.  They say I’m at an 8+ and that it’s Go time.  My doctor comes in and has me do a couple half pushes to get me to a 10.  Once I’m at a 10 I do 2 big pushes during contractions and she’s here!  Brixtyn Chiami Nelson born At 5:31 pm, only about 4 hours from start to finish.

The sweetest girl,  who looks just like her sister.  I pull her on to me and I am in love.  She’s beautiful & most importantly healthy.  She was a cute tiny one Weighing 5 lbs 13 ounces,  19 inches long.  She has blonde hair and blue eyes.  I had zero stitches or tearing luckily, which is awesome.    I absolutely love Labor, everything about it.  It’s truly the most spiritual time in my life.   I know it’s what life is all about,  and of course having the sweetest most loving, kind husband makes it all that much better.  Seeing my oldest daughter come in and kiss her sister was the cutest thing.  I can’t wait for these girls to be best friends.  I want them to love each other more than anything.  am so thankful that everything went so well.  I still can’t believe I’m a mom of two.  I am so blessed.  I also did a Birth story Video that truly is amazing and captured it so well.  Here is the video and some pics of that amazing day! Here the link to the video:

{We got so excited when we found out one of the girls that models for the blog was having her baby!  You can see her in previous pregnancy style posts here, here & here.  Thank you for sharing with us this amazing experience Chiami}

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