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A Birth Story: Britain

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We became parents again on June 5th. Truly the best day. The night before I remember lying in bed so anxious, excited and completely unaware of the time because it didn’t matter, I was having a baby TOMORROW! So many thoughts were running through my mind, what will he look like, will he be healthy, and are we really no longer going to be a family of 3. The excitement was almost too much to handle! I finally got some sleep and jumped into the shower eyeing my belly that would soon be gone. I had grown quite attached to it actually, as odd as it may sound. It was a part of me and one I thoroughly enjoyed having. When the time came to go, my husband, who had his last good night of sleep grabbed our bags and to the hospital we went. I will forever cherish our conversations that morning; in looking back they were tender and honest about our growing family.

Arriving at the hospital around 730am, I was already dilated to a 3/4. They started me, and soon after broke my water. Alex and I just kept looking at each other, mostly out of shock, but with love as well that we were here, again so soon. Where we just had been a shy 18 months ago delivering our first daughter, Kate. Our nerves were high at the thought of two kids so soon but yet that day, we were so calm. I am sure that is common for a second delivery, but I honestly felt everything was going to be okay which was a feeling I gladly welcomed. My husband also gave me a special blessing which eased my concerns and gave me the right perspective for the day. Such a sweet experience.

Alex had brought things for us to do while we waited but we both realized anything and everything else didn’t really seem important enough as what we were about to do. I on the other hand was starting to feel my contractions more and more. Mostly felt like I couldn’t breathe as easily which was accompanied by pressure and tightening. So we agreed it was time for an epidural and at this point I was dilated to a 4/5. The anesthesiologist who did my epidural was amazing and the nurse who assisted was so calming and helped ease my stress and nervousness which I so appreciated. It went seamlessly and I was grateful. As soon as that kicked in, I felt like we were on a mini vacation in a hotel. Honestly, that is such an incredible feeling, so relaxing that I fell asleep. Alex kept laughing at the dramatic change in my attitude. In the mean time we had some unfinished business, his name. We had a couple picked out but we both knew what it was going to be, my husband’s #1 pick. After writing out his name with different middle names and combinations we found the perfect fit, the right one for our son. Britain named after the country Great Britain, where my husband’s mother is from was pretty perfect. And then for his middle name, several options were put on the table but we settled with my mother’s maiden name, Grant. I really love that his name has so much meaning and love behind it.

I quickly progressed to a 6 and then stopped for what seemed like 40 minutes but was probably longer. The nurses came in and moved the baby around and learned that he was stuck which explained the delay. After some uncomfortable adjusting I quickly began dilating and flew to a 10! I labored for a total of 4 hours, even faster then with my daughter. I love that moment when you realize, by the pressure, that it’s time!! The wait is over and you are ready to meet that baby you’ve been nourishing, and dreaming about. But then there is the pushing. Which because of the epidural, I never quite know just how hard I am pushing but I gave it my all. And when it was the final push that gets the baby through the birth canal, it’s a pretty incredible feeling, miraculous. I truly love giving birth and would do it over and over again.

After about 7-10 minutes of pushing he was here!! A handsome baby boy, our son. I have always wanted my very own little boy and to hear his cry and meet him for the first time was indescribable. I was in love and completely smitten by him. It was heartbreaking to see that he had a good amount of bruising on his face. Saddest thing ever and made me sick thinking about his mini struggle. They placed him right on my chest, and having that warm little tiny 6 pound baby on me was like heaven. The world stops, and nothing else exists. Sharing that special and sacred moment with my husband is beautiful and one I will always hold near and dear to my heart. I looked at my boys and thought to myself there is no greater blessing.

Alex stayed with him while the nurses took care of the baby, weighed him and cleaned him up. I am forever grateful for this husband of mine who loves our kids and is with me and them from the very beginning. Never missing a doctor’s appointment, and always helping me with anything I need. I knew he would be good at being a parent and my companion, I never knew just how good.

I truly love remembering this day in such detail; it was and is one of the best days of my life.

Britain Grant Davis | 6 lbs 14oz 19in |  June 5 12:27pm

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PHOTO CREDIT: Ciara Richardson Photography

We loved having this pretty momma model for our blog!  Danielle is such a sweet person, she deserve every bit of happiness.

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