Wednesday August 13, 2014

Washington Photo Diary Part 1


mt si 12

mt si 4

mt si 2

mt si 8

mt si 1

mt si 10

mt si 11

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mt si 9

Pictures by H&H Photography

Every year our family spends part of our summers in my hubby’s beautiful home state of Washington.  From the moment the plane approaches Seattle you are surrounded by lush greet trees, tall, snow-capped mountains and gorgeous lakes, rivers, and oceans.  Passing over Mt. Rainier as it rises above the clouds is one of my favorite views on the flight there.

We spent several weeks there so I’ll be sharing all of my favorite places in Seattle soon, be sure to check back to see more of our adventures.

One of my favorite adventures from Seattle was to go on a couple’s hike with our good friends (and newlyweds), Houston and Harley. They travel the country teaching youth about leadership and service  by “Choosing Love” and also happen to be some of the best wedding photographers in Seattle. Talk about a power couple!

My hubby and I are trying to make more time for hiking this year since it’s been such a good way to spend time together, get some exercise, and explore the outdoors all at once. So instead of just going to lunch, we suggested going on a hike together with H&H up Mt. Si. It’s a scenic 8 mile hike just 30 minutes east of Seattle with a surprise at the peak.

The way up was AMAZING, steep, but amazing. Houston was our hero and hiked in some snacks and goodies to keep everyone smiling on the way up. As hard as the hike was, reaching the top was totally worth it! The views of the valleys on either side of the mountain were beautiful, and there was seriously lush, green forest as far as you could see.

We even made some friends with a few furry, woodland creatures who took a liking to Houston’s trail mix, especially the peanuts! Squirrels, chipmunks, and several different types of birds climbed up us to say hello and steal away our snacks for the trip down the mountain.

The way down was even better though because a deep, thick cloud of fog had covered the mountain while we were resting with the animals. Descending through the fog among the 100ft+ trees was like walking through a scene from a national geographic magazine and made for some wonderful pictures. The 4 hour hike ended up taking 6 hours, but we couldn’t have had more fun, or better company! We’ll definitely be back again next year.

Check back for other adventures in Seattle this week and a guide to some of my favorite things from the Pacific Northwest.





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