Tuesday August 19, 2014

Washington Photo Diary Part 2













Summers in Seattle never disappoint and this year was no different. If you happen to be in Seattle anytime soon here are some of my favorite things to do and see, and even a few things from my bucket list I’ll have to work on again next summer.

Places to eat

Thai kitchen – a wonderful little restaurant in my hubby’s home town of Snohomish. We probably end up eating her more than anywhere else! Ask for Pad Thai with chicken or Pik King if you want the best of the best!

Daniel’s Broiler – right on the ocean people literally take their boats and bi-planes to the dock in back to get here! Half of our meal I was literally just watching planes pull up and park and couples climb out for their reservations. And I swear they pull the seafood directly out of the ocean to cook it!

Sultan Bakery – A fun little stop on your way up the mountains with sandwiches bigger than your plate and soups that will keep you full for days. If you want some of their amazing doughnuts you’ll have to get there early though, the local cops have a big breakfast here around dawn so you gotta be quick to get the raspberry bear claws, my favorite!

Things to see

Pike Place – You’ve probably seen a million pictures of this already but it’s so much fun to visit. I love the little flower shops on every corner and the delicious food from local farmers and fishermen.

Deception Pass – I’ve never seen water to turquoise and intense. It’s supposedly one of the most dangerous passages to navigate by boat because of all the rocks and currents. But it’s beautiful as you walk safely from the bridge directly above.

Space Needle – Seattle is such a beautiful city, and going to the top of the Space Needle gives you an amazing view of basically everything at once. It rotates really slowly so if you’re up there for a little bit you’ll actually get to see 360 of the city.

Blue Angels – If you can go during SeaFair make sure you take advantage. These fighter jet pilots fly so close the ground shakes and the wind blows your clothes. Totally worth it!

Mukilteo beach lighthouse – This old lighthouse is still used to keep boats and fishermen safe as they pass around the point. It overlooks a gorgeous bay and has a fun park for the kids. Plus every week they have farmers markets in the field where you can find hand made goods, local produce and all kinds of fun foods.

Things I still have to do

Kite Boarding – I saw dozens of them out on Jetty Island and was super jealous. I’m going to spend the next 12 months working up the courage to try it out.

Fly to dinner on a bi-plane – It’s totally a dream of mine to go to Daniel’s in a bi-plane. One day… 😉

Horseback riding on the ocean – We actually did this down near Portland last year but it’s definitely worth doing again.

Snoboarding – My husband used to go all growing up but we’ve always been back to visit during the summer and haven’t had a chance to go snowboarding. I guess we’ll have to head up for the Holidays so we can enjoy the snow as much as we enjoy the perfect summers.

Have you been to the #GreatNorthWest ? What are your favorite things?





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  1. Catherine says:

    Hi Karen, when you and your family come up on your next visit, there is a great Mexican restaurant called Calle in Snohomish. They have a great taco selection! And if you’re feeling adventurous, they have grasshopper tacos 🙂

    • karen says:

      Hey that’s so thoughtful! Thank you! We have family in the Snohomish area, so we’ll definitely stop by on our next visit.

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