Tuesday October 21, 2014

A New Adventure


falling for fall1

falling for fall2

falling for fall3

This is my first style post.. yikes!  I have to be honest.  I feel a little embarrassed to  post about myself.  I mean, do people really want to see my face all over K&J Diaries?..  I come from a family of GORGEOUS sisters who are so photogenic I can’t even deal with it.  There is no way of catching up to their level of cuteness.  But here I am, just wanting to be me on this diary I helped create.  Where else can you be your self 100% if not your own diary? Working side by side with Karen on what use to be our maternity life style blog (My Chic Bump) was such a fun ride.  I learned so many things and my mind started to explore other possibilities.. a drive to do better, to be better.  I knew we could give our readers a lot more and that’s were the idea of creating K&J Diaries came from.  And we are so happy to have you follow along on our new adventure!  There is more to us than what we were able to show on our previous blog.  You”ll find here our favorite recipes, makeup and beauty posts, our personal fashion style and of course, we will still post maternity fashion!  I am mostly excited to create beauty posts though and I already have a makeup tutorial ready for you so make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss it!  I want to create another tutorial this week, what would you like?  a makeup or hair tutorial?

This week is extra busy because not only do we want to post daily but I am also moving!  Talk about “new Adventures” huh?  I don’t know who is more excited about moving to a bigger place, me or my kids!  We are moving in a few days and I haven’t packed a thing.. Please, please if you have any tips on how to make this whole process easier write me a comment below!  Perhaps I should google “How to move and pack everything in less than 6 days”  Wish me luck!



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Sweater: Treasure & Bond  |  Jeans: Joe’s  |  Shoes: Asos  |  Necklace: similar here & here

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