Friday October 31, 2014

Fall Family Traditions


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Fall is such a fun season.  We have never made any “official” fall family traditions besides Halloween and Thanksgiving Day.  But this year we wanted to start creating a few.  Karen and I and our other two little siblings Melanie and Kevin went to Cornbellys  with all of our kids and spouses.  We had such a good time being together, eating fried donuts made from scratch, funnels cakes, and other delicious yet oh so bad goodies!  We had the perfect weather too. My husband had just shaved his head a few days prior to going to the carnival so I suggested to him that he buys a hat so he doesn’t get sunburn on his head.. When we were already at Cornbellys, I said: Babe! Why are you wearing a hat that says “Open Bar”, you don’t even drink haha.  I guess he didn’t read it before he bought it.  He just grabbed the first hat he found at the store lol

I have so many pictures I wanted to document the beginning of  a fall family tradition.  We want to come every year together.  I hope to always come back here to spend some time together.  And as the kids get older we will probably improvise and choose other activities.  We have also been to a pumpkin patch a couple of times.  Kids sure love to run around in an open field! It’s amazing how quickly they go to bed after having a non stop outdoor activity as a family.  One of the many great reasons to keep this tradition up! 🙂  Gosh I love my family  so much.  The truth is, we do spend lots and lots of time together.  But it never seems to be enough.  I see my sisters at least 5 times a week.  We usually have Sunday dinners together and we text all day long.  Obsessive much? haha well we just love each other so much.

I would love to hear your family’s traditions during this beautiful fall season.  We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween weekend!



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