Tuesday November 04, 2014

November Baby


gray leather1

gray leather2

great leather3

Jacket: old, similar here & here    |    Top: Nordstrom, currently out of stock, similar here & here   |    Pants: BP    |    Shoes: BP    |    Bronzing Powder: Bobby Brown in “Dark”

It’s here!  November is here and I couldn’t be more excited about it!  As long as I can remember I have always LOVED my birthday.  Growing up I felt like it was the only time a year I could be a little selfish and think about myself a bit more than usual and not feel guilty about it.  The second reason why I love November so much is because Karen’s birthday is only 12 days after mine! My mom had us very close in age and it’s always fun when people asks us how old we are during that time because we are both the same age for 12 days until Karen’s birthday which is on the 20th.  My mom used to dress us in identical outfits like if we were twins!  It’s great looking at pictures of us as kids and reminisce about our childhood.  I wish we would of stayed really close during middle school and high school but we both went our own way and did different things, had different group of friends.  Now that we are adults, wives and moms and wives we are the closest we have ever been.  Along with our other sister too (Melanie).  I love the bond we have and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!  I hope to see both of them on my birthday because even if we don’t end up doing much, as long as I have my kids, husband, sisters, parents, and my little brother all in one room I will have the best birthday for sure!  There is no better gift than a big laugh we can all share together.  I can’t wait for Saturday!



gray leather

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