Thursday December 18, 2014

Christmas gift for co-workers



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I have never made gifts for co-workers before.  But once I started to brainstorm gift ideas I realized that it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be time consuming either!  I actually have 2 other gift ideas that I will share with you in the next couple of days too.

Panetón (or Fruit Cake as you might know it as) is a mandatory part of our Christmas eve celebration.  It’s not really Christmas unless we are enjoying our Panetón with some hot chocolate made from scratch.  I don’t remember a Christmas without it.  I have tried other brands before but I always go back to getting the brands that come from Peru, where I am from.  It’s so moist inside, and the smell is fantastic! The delicious fruit turns it from a sweet bread to an elegant dessert.  I went to a little Peruvian market place called “La Pequeñita” which is located in Orem, UT in case you were wondering.

All I had to do if cut a slice, place it on a baggy and tie a ribbon around it with a mini Martinelli next to it!  Any craft items I used I purchased from Hobby Lobby (one of the best craft stores there is!).  I hope you like it and maybe inspires you to create this or a similar gift for a co-worker that you think is cool!  Although you might have to give one to everybody so they don’t get jealous 😉








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