Tuesday December 23, 2014

The Weekend Before Christmas


weekend roundup

When we think of Christmas we often think of giving and receiving presents. But the best Christmases I had growing up were the most humble ones; the ones we did something meaningful for someone else, like giving their house a fresh coat of paint or hiking up the mountain trails in Peru (where I’m from) and delivering toys as a family. As much as I wanted to join everyone else going shopping on the last weekend before Christmas, I wanted to give my kids the thing they really want most … my time.

So Michael and I bundled up our girls and took them for a surprise afternoon of ice skating as a family. I have to give it to my hubby, who put up with three screaming girls (yes, me included) hanging on to him for dear life and often using him as a cushion for our many, many falls. Not the fanciest or most glamorous weekend, but definitely the most fun. It was filled with big laughs, cute giggles, cold red noses, and tons of great memories together. It was magical.

Have a safe, fun holiday season and try to take time to spend together with loved ones making memories. That’s what you’ll remember years later.

Happy Holidays!


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