Wednesday January 07, 2015

Getting used to cold temperatures


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My outfit: Coat: GAP    |    Sweater: GAP    |    Jeans: GAP    |    Boots: Similar here

Vanessa’s outfit: Coat: GAP    |    Sweater: GAP    |    Overalls: GAP    |    Ear muffs: GAP   |    Boots: Similar here

For many many year I have loathed winter.  I have lived in Utah since 2001 and still, I couldn’t help but complain for 4 months about how cold and miserable it was outside.  I had never experienced that kind of cold before I cam here.  The cold that hurts and penetrates your bones.  The cold that numbs your fingers ear and nose.  And when I had kids I hated it even more.  It meant no bike rides, no playgrounds, no parks or lake visits.  It also meant the kids would get sick.  There was no doubt that no matter how hard I tried they would catch a cold or the flu at least once during the winter season.  And don’t get me started about parents who still take their kids to church on Sunday when they are coughing, sneezing and wiping boogers all over the building (pleeeeeeease!).  I think that’s where they have caught their cold every year.  Don’t worry, my complaining stops there.  2 summers ago I decided that I wasn’t going to be so negative towards winter, after all, Utah really needs the snow.  It’s so dry here.  But most importantly, I didn’t want my kids to copy what I was saying, to feel what I was feeling… My little boy said “I love summer mom, but I really haaaaaaate winter.  I don’t like the cold and we are going to be inside all the time”  Wake up call.  Not only did he repeat in his own words what he had heard me say for years but he also used a naughty word (hate shhh).  I don’t want us to be miserable for 4 months out of the year!  I want us to be happy all year long.  To be grateful for what we have and to appreciate nature and all the blessings that come from it.  Each season has it’s purpose and I needed to learn to embrace it first before teaching this to my kids.  So, it all started 6-7 months before winter came.  I woke up every morning and told my self “winter wont’ be that bad” “It will look so beautiful once it snows” “The kids will have more fun in the snow this year because they are older”  Little phrases like that made me feel a bit ridiculous but it worked!  I also looked online for different family activities we could do during the winter months.  And when the temperature dropped and snow came I was ready.  Still, it’s not my favorite time of year but non the less I am happy that we can all “enjoy” winter more and  of course, I  feel a little embarrassed that it took me this long.  Kids really do make you want to be a better person.   This year has been even more special because we have taken drives through the canyons to show the kids how pretty winter is in Utah.  We plan on taking a few more nature drives before winter is over!

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Sometimes, the pictures that capture the best moments are the blurry ones.  Too bad about that zit on my left cheek though :0



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  1. Andrea says:

    Love these pictures! What nationally are you? I am from Guatemala! I am pregnant with my first baby!
    This is adorable! Everyone go watch my mother’s Christmas surprise. It is adorable! She is a first time Grandma and she had no idea a baby was on the way!! She cried for five minutes straight! Too cute! I can’t post it on Ellen Tube because it has music in the background.

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