Tuesday January 13, 2015

Instagram Diary


IMG_0463_2 IMG_0455_2




Karen is having such a fun time in Mexico! I mean, just look at our Instagram (@kandjdiaries) and you’ll see.  She deserves this little break!  Karen, is such a hardworking mom.  Everything she does is for them.  She dedicates her heart and soul to being a mommy and she is so great at it (even if she doesn’t think so).  My little niece Camila is the sweetest thing but she isn’t a good sleeper all the time and poor Karen and Michael haven’t slept well in … 2 years! (or something like that) hahaha.  I’m so happy they are out there exploring Cancun together and hopefully they are catching up on sleep too!

You will read more about her trip pretty soon I’m sure!  Don’t forget to subscribe!



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  1. Hayley Larue says:

    Love these! And love the one of you jumping! Your smile is so pretty!


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