Wednesday January 14, 2015

Exploring the Mayan Underworld Caves


rio secreto13

rio secreto1

Rio secreto2

rio secreto4

rio secreto12

rio secreto15

rio secreto14

rio secreto11

rio secreto9

rio secreto8

rio secreto6

rio secreto10

Hola from Cancun, Mexico! It has been a surreal experience being here in beautiful Cancun! During our first day we went out to explore Rio Secreto, also known as the “Mayan Underworld.” After a Mayan Chaman blessed us with incense to protect us from the evil spirits, we descended into miles and miles of underground river. It was incredible! We were surrounded by nature’s more recent treasure, only discovered 6 years ago! At moments, you could only hear your heartbeat and drips from the stalactites above falling into the river.

Here’s just a few pictures of our first adventure here, with plenty more to come!



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