Friday January 23, 2015

Oh, C A N C U N!


service project 9

Taking you guys back to Cancun—Oh what a beautiful place that was!  While we were there, my husband, Michael, and I had the wonderful opportunity to team up with Corporate Alliance and be part of their service project to bring and assemble bicycles for schoolchildren. Along with 25 fellow business owners and their spouses, we drove 2 hours away from the tourist beaches of Playa Mujeres and entered our new friend Jorge’s beautiful, humble village. Jorge is one of the schoolchildren who had asked for a bike and who was so excited to see us arrive.

As the bus pulled in, the children started dancing, singing and cheering. It was hard  not to want to join them, so we did! Both my husband and I speak Spanish which made it easier for us to talk to the children and learn of their circumstances. They set us up in groups and paired us up with Jorge. The most memorable thing about Jorge was his smile! He light up the room with his enthusiasm and love for life. He was so excited and so smart! He helped us put the bike together and when we were done we took him out to ride around on his new bike (check quick video below). Before we left, he gave us a note in Spanish that said he’d always dreamed about having a bike one day and he was so grateful that we could make his dream come true. I mean, I was not ready to say goodbye to him. We hugged for a long time and watched the kids follow the bus as we were heading back to the hotel.

Kindness. Kindness! It never fails to fill me with love, peace and perspective. What Jorge doesn’t know is that I left that day wanting to be more like him—more grateful of the blessings I receive, more happy and cheerful even when facing hard things, more genuine and kind when speaking to others, more affectionate and loving and respectful. It doesn’t take much to brighten and lift one another. I think if we could fully understand how much those little things mean, we’d be doing them all day, every day.



Meet Jorge, 10 years old. Doesn’t that smile just melt your heart!

service project 1

Putting the bike together with my husband, Michael with the help of Jorge.service project 2

service project 4

service project 5
service project 8

service project 6

service project 7

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  1. Cinthia C says:

    Karen, I am so happy you and your husband were able to do this for Jorge and many other children! It brought tears to my eyes to see the kindness that you and Michael have for others. Jorge is such a cute kid! He looked so excited and happy to receive his gift! You are such a sweet human being and I am so lucky to have you as a friend! xoxoxoxo

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