Thursday January 01, 2015

Shine Bright Like A Diamond On New Year’s EVe


Happy New  Year Collage


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I would normally not go for lots of shiny things in one outfit but it seems like the best time to “Shine like a diamond” would be On New Years’ Eve!  We are only a couple of hours away from a brand new year.  Let that sink in…. 2015 wow!  I was thinking today about all that I have accomplished personally this year and it’s really incredible to be able to see the good changes I have made and how it has affected my little family in a positive way.  Of course, there are many things I wish I could of done better but that makes me even more excited about this upcoming year.  I want to grow, as a mother, a wife, a sister, and yes, even as a blogger.  I want to improve my photography skills, I want to post more often, I want to keep working on finding a balance between family and work without missing anything important in between.  I want to work harder on being kind to myself and taking care of my health.  But most of all, I want to say more “I love you’s”.

Guess what? They gave us the keys to our new home today and we couldn’t be more excited.  So I might not have big party plans tonight but I’ll be “partying it up” with my husband  by watching a movie while we pack! (soooo fun right?) haha.  But I do hope you have some plans tonight, even if it’s just to call your friends to come over, cook together, watch a movie, do the count down to the new year together.. anything!  I’m so lucky to have such a handsome husband to kiss at midnight.  I wish you the best on this upcoming year and I hope all your dreams, hopes, and aspirations come true because we all know it’s possible if you believe in it enough.  If you believe in yourself!



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