Tuesday February 17, 2015

The Cancer-Fighting Juice


beet juice

As the years go by I am becoming more aware of my health and what it really means to take care of my body.  I have always wanted to try making beet juice simply because it “looked healthy”  but I was also scared it was not going to taste so well!  I looked up some information online and I found out that the benefits of beet juice are just incredible!  And lucky for me (us!) it doesn’t taste bad at all.  In fact, Beets have a sweet taste to them.


-The pigment that is responsible for the purple-red color of beets is a cancer-fighting agent called betacyanin. In patients with stomach cancer, beet juice has been found to have critical impact, inhibiting cancer cell mutations.

-Beet juice is rich in folate, potassium, manganese, iron, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. It’s also low calorie and fiber rich, making it a great food for people trying to loose weight (A good healthy snack!)

-Lower blood pressure

-Relaxes blood vessels


-1 beet

-1 apple

-2 whole carrots

-1 cup of water


Be sure to peel the beet. Scrub the carrots if they are organic. If not organic, peel the skin to eliminate the risk of pesticides. Wash all fruits and vegetables carefully before juicing.  I decided to make my juice a little thicker but you can add more water if you want! there is no perfect way to make this juice.  You can add a cucumber, only start with maybe half a beet instead of a whole one if this is the fist time you are trying beet… so many possibilities!

beet juice2

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