Tuesday March 10, 2015

Why you should get a Chemical Peel


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Have you ever wanted clear, perfect skin? Everyday of your life, right?  About two years ago, I developed adult acne.  I was shocked, angry, and sad! I think I had one pimple in high school and now.. all of the sudden I had acne at 20 + Not to be dramatic but I felt like my world was over (not dramatic at all.. )  This acne changed the way I looked at my self and it affected me in other areas of my life too.  There are many ways I got rid of my problem but it didn’t happen without a few errors.  One of the most amazing ways my skin healed was with chemical peels!

I am extremely picky with what I put on my face and I made sure I went to the right place that would take care of my needs.  All the ladies at Spa Trouve are just amazing and so helpful! After one consultation I knew this was the right place to go to.  There are many chemical peels out there and a specialist will help you determined which one is right for you!  The one that was strong enough to make a difference in my skin was the “Vitalize Peel”  Here is some info on the Vitalize Peel:

The Vitalize Peel is considered safe and effective for all skin types and. It is a gentle peel with a shorter recovery time than other peels, but still is going to give great results. A Vitalize Peel will help with sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, scarring, malasma (brown spots) and helps with all over skin texture and brightness.  You can generally expect to have a little redness immediately after treatment and will notice peeling after 1-2 days of treatment. Skin will be completely healed 7 days after treatment.  You will see noticeable results with just one Vitalize Peel, but will see the best results with a series of 3-6 peels spaced out every 4 weeks.
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Here is my personal experience:  When I went to my appointment I went with no makeup.  You need a clean face. They gave me a towel head wrap/band to make sure my hair was out of the way.  They first cleaned my skin (they have to make sure it is super clean before they apply everything).  Then they swiped the Vitalize Peel a couple of times on my face.   It smelled strong.  I won’t lie.  But they had a little fan that they put close to my face and it helped a lot! the smell is not permanent and it won’t last long! Once they are done they ask you not to wash your face until the next day I believe.  When you leave your appointment the appearance of your skin looks immediately better.  Everybody’s peeling process is a little bit different.  I personally didn’t peel until the third day and on the 6th and 7th day it was bad.  If you exfoliate a lot  or once a week and you take good care of your skin you won’t peel as much as one who doesn’t exfoliate at all.  It’s hard knowing how or when you will peel specially if it’s your first time! So plan accordingly.  Don’t schedule photo shoots for a week.. (note to self).  Because your skin is so sensitive you should not expose your skin to the sun.  I remember I forgot about that and went to the park with my kids and after 30 min my face felt a little hot! oops! It was a little red for an hour and than it calmed down.  Good thing I was putting sunscreen everyday!   I was getting my chemical peels religiously every 4-5 weeks for a few months so taking care of my skin property after a peel became second nature.  Also, you don’t want to put makeup on until the pealing has ceased.  This was hard at beginning since I was used to applying foundation and concealer to cover my imperfections.  I do have to say the more chemical peels I did the better the results and the more confident I felt again which meant, very minimal makeup.  I love being able to feel confident enough to not wear foundation or concealer every single day and still feel happy.   I can’t say enough good things about the benefits of getting one or if you can more than one chemical peel!
I hope this post helped some of you if you were thinking about getting a Chemical peel done soon.  You now know my experience and what to expect at your appointment!  We have teamed up with Spa Trouve to give you a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY! Check back soon for details.  Or better yet, subscribe so you don’t miss this giveaway!
PS: I’ll be writing a post dedicated to my skin care routine next week!
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