Monday May 11, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!





I don’t know who I would be today without my children.  They are my light, my life, my everything.  Their love is kind and so pure.  What a blessing it is to be their mother.  I love the warmth of their embrace and the sweet wet kisses on my cheeks.  I never knew true love before them, and now their love is all I want everyday, all day.  I am so grateful to have a wonderful husband to share this wonderful family with, I’am also thankful for all that my own mother has taught me, for it is because of her love and her teachings that I am able to take care of my babies.  The job a mom does everyday.. we could write books about it.  But all it matters is that they are worth it, every sleepless night, every tear, every frustration, every challenge, they are always worth it.  Children are the happiness of the world.  I love you my little coconuts.

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I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day!



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