Thursday December 31, 2015

My “I can’t live without” hair products


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Ever since I got a sample of Kérastase shampoo a year I ago I haven’t used anything else since. Hair is everything. Everyone wants to have soft, silky, manageable hair.  A couple of months ago my hair stylist Lani at Pureza, introduced me to Kerastase’s new line: Bain Thérapiste.  Since I was already a loyal fan of their brand I had high expectations and immediately after the first use which was after I went blonde I just fell in love! It exceeded all of my expectations. You could see and feel a difference right away.  Since I color treat my hair I needed the extra moisture.  I have recommended all of these products to my friends and family.  If you need to repair damage (ME), increase shine (ME), or improve the look of your hair (ME, ME, ME!!!), Thérapiste is right for you.  You use the conditioner first and follow up with the shampoo (so strange at first but I got used to it after a few times).  It leaves my hair smelling fresh and very soft.  But not too much, you can still style it, it doesn’t weigh your hair down.  Guys, THIS IS MY HAIR CARE REGIMEN. Not sometimes. All the time.

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So here is the story behind these photos:   I took a shower, washed my hair, styled it and my whole room smelled so divine (another plus of using Kérastase).  My little daughter Vanessa gave me a hug and then she started playing with my hair and said “mom you have the softest hair and it smells like flowers!”.  She is the sweetest. That’s when I realized that all this time I have been using these amazing line and never really talked about which hair products I was using.  This post was way overdue and I had to get to it asap. So I grabbed all of my products out of the shower (the reason why you can see water stains all over the bottles) I thought about cleaning them and making them look as pretty as when I first bought them from Pureza but I didn’t care.  I just wanted to take those darn pictures as fast as I could so I could post about it.  So, not the most artistic, beautiful shots of the products, but you get the point. They are amazing.

I first use the conditioner, and then I use the shampoo (both products have a thick and creamy texture that screams LUXURY!).  Once I have rinsed it out I try to get the water out as much as I can by patting it with a towel.  I brush through my hair and then apply the Sérum Thérapiste to damp hair (ends only).  It protects from heat and seals split ends. WHAT? Yes, it seals split ends! The hair fiber regains it strength and elasticity.  If I’m going to blow dry my hair I also use the Keratine Thermique.  It helps a lot with frizz and it helps keep my hair smooth.  A little goes a long way.  I am falling in love with Kérastase again as I’m typing this.

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This baby here is LIFE!  It’s a home application that you use once a week after your chemical service at the salon.  This will boost the strength of your hair and it will protect and eliminate breakage.  You need this.  Here is a really good explanation of Olapex N#3 that I found online: “Without using Olaplex, this is how damage occurs: When a disulfide bond is broken, it turns into a single sulfur hydrogen bonds, free thoils. Then later in time, those thoils oxidize: 50% of the broken disulfide bond’s sulfur hydrogen ends will pair with 3 oxygen molecules (that is the oxidation) and create SO3 or what is known as a sulfate group. This sulfate group will then go on to create cystic acid. Cystic acid will then eat the protein out of the hair.

As this reaction does not happen immediately, this is why Olaplex is effective using as a separate treatment alone from any chemical services, as it takes the broken disulfide bond’s single sulfur hydrogen ends and through ionic and covalent bonding, cross links them back together with a single oxygen molecule, to form a disulfide bond that actually is stronger than what naturally occurs. By using Olaplex, it creates more bonds in the hair because when we put linkage between sulfur hydrogen bonds, whether we are interrupting good or bad, we are putting more of a bond and increasing the mass. This is why Olaplex is called a bond multiplier.

So basically, it is cross linking any current broken disulfide bonds/free thoils with a single oxygen molecule, creating a permanent, strong, disulfide bond, that will forever remain unless you break the bond again one day, which is why using No3 at home regularly will help you so much, by maintaining the health of the disulfide bonds.

Everyone should try this product, everyone is going to have some broken disulfide bonds no matter your routine, texture, pattern, hair history, etc. It is seriously the best product I have ever seen and used.”

There is serious, new, patented chemistry behind it’s active ingredients.   I get my hair wet and then I leave this in my hair for 10 minutes.  Then I rinse it out and follow my regular routine with my Kérastase products.   I hope this post was helpful for anyone looking for great hair ;).  You are welcome to call my salon and ask them questions and order through them too.  Ask for Brooke or Lani 801-616-3042



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