Monday February 08, 2016

Make Up For Ever Primers Review



The benefits or using a primer before your foundation are too many to list, but here are two main reasons why you should think about using them if you haven’t already: You makeup goes on a lot smoother when you have a nice smooth canvas underneath and your foundation will stay put all day (or you can wear it alone without any makeup and your skin will look bomb!).  Those should be enough reasons to go get one today!  My skin is prone acne and very sensitive.  Through the years I have tried many primers and never stuck to one because of my skin sensitivity.  I wanted to love primers.  I knew the importance of it but because of past experiences I felt like it just wasn’t meat to be.  The amazing Makeup Forever team sent me a few products to try and I was excited and scared.  Although I had heard amazing things about their new primers I was still very skeptical and didn’t have the guts to try them because “I knew” my skin wasn’t going to like it.  So I tried them.  It made my skin look better.  It didn’t break me out.  I fell in love.  When I applied it to my skin I immediately realized it had an amazing scent which was a red flag since most products with fragrances causes my skin to act up.  To my surprise when I washed my face later that night my skin looked just fine! Hooray!  They have so many different primers suited to your skin type.  I found that because I’m normal/combination skin the one I liked best was the Step 1 Smoothing Primer.  You can click on the link here and see all the other options they have.  If you try it let me know how you like it and which one you picked!





Last week was rough for me.  My skin wasn’t looking so great.  I had some texture on my forehead and on my cheeks because of that special time of the month.  Plus, I hadn’t slept well for a few days.. So when Sunday came my skin still looked the same (sad and filled with pimples)  I knew I had to use a primer to avoid scaring people at church.  Thanks Makeup Forever! you saved the day.  These primers are amazing!


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