Sunday April 10, 2016

Is the Marc Jacobs Re(mark)able Foundation right for your skin type?




I have talked about my feelings towards this foundation a few times on Snapchat.  I have never tried a full coverage foundation that had as much pigment as this one!  The Marc Jacobs Re(mark)able foundation is very unique.  I have heard a few people say that it’s a medium to full coverage foundation. NO WAY! This is definitely full coverage all the way!  The smallest amount will cover basically everything (scars, acne, sun spots. etc).  You might be wondering “Does it leave your skin flawless?!”  Well, yes and no.  It depends on what your version of  the word “flawless” is.  Does it cover every imprecation? Yes! Does it make you look like a porcelain doll? Yes! BUT…here comes the “but” are you ready?  If you have mature skin, dry skin/dry patches or if you prefer a natural look, this foundation might not be your soul mate after all.  I recommend this foundation for people who have normal-oily skin.  Oh man, if you have oily skin you might as well marry it.

The first time I used it I made the mistake of putting as much foundation as I use when I put on my everyday foundation  and I don’t even put on a lot!  I used the beauty blender (best way to apply this with) and when I was done I seriously looked at myself in the mirror for 5 minutes.  “Is that me?!”  I felt like I looked like a different person.  It literally covered EVERYTHING.  I wasn’t even aware that I had that many infections to begin with but this foundation decided to cover even the tiny moles that I can usually still see even when I apply my other foundations.  I personally feel the most comfortable with a skin finish that still looks and feels like skin.  This felt and looked like I was wearing a full coverage foundation.  In the most beautiful way of course! If you like that much coverage this will probably be a keeper for you.

I don’t have wrinkles yet  however, I do have big dimples and smile lines around my mouth.  The foundation settled in those lines after 10 minutes which was very unfortunate.  This is where a translucent powder or setting powder will come to your rescue.  I also notice that this product easily transfers to your clothes even at the slightest touch.  Not ideal when you have kids and a husband that hugs you and wants to cuddle on a daily basis.  Here is the thing, you can use a primer, and a setting spray afterwards and that will do the trick (if you have normal/moist skin like I do)  But the problem with using all those different products daily is that it makes my skin very upset.  And if you have sensitive skin and it seems like most people do, you have to be careful with what and how much makeup you put on your skin.  This foundation smells good which scared me at first because too much perfume usually means I need to stay away from it.  But my skin was ok with it after 2 weeks of using it.  Only a small pimple showed up here and there which is normal for me when I try a new product.  On a side note:  The Marc Jacobs Re(mark)able Foundation it’s a pretty amazing foundation for photoshoots! It looks beautiful in pictures! I still occasionally do other people’s makeup which I hope to do more of and it’s really fun to see what this product looks like on different types of skin.  This isn’t a foundation that will make or help you look “youthful” … but If I was going to need a super full coverage/high pigmented, yet light weight foundation I would pick this one! I would just need to do all the other steps to really have that great finish for hours and hours:  Using a primer first, then the foundation, then the setting powder, then the setting spray.


Last week I used it again and I went for a “full coverage yet dewy look” and it worked! Spray the Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist before you apply the foundation foundation and remember to only use the smallest amount because it will go a long way.  Thanks for reading and subscribing!






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