Friday April 22, 2016

The importance of looking back at old photos








Sometime life is overwhelming.  Sometimes you have a hard week or a great week! Life is constantly up and down and we all know that we cannot control all the circumstances or events that happen in our lives… We have been told many times that the only thing we have full control of is how we react to difficult challenges.  We totally get it.  It makes sense.  Can I share a secret with you?  When I am feeling down or discouraged I know exactly what to do to get to a “good place” mentally and emotionally again.  Looking back at old photos does that for me.   Pictures from a couple of months ago or even just from a week ago lifts my spirit and re-energizes me like nothing can!  Do you have kids? You probably love them too.  And you probably love the person who you made the kids with very much too! Nothing can compare to the love and bond of a family.  My life is go go go go go go go go at all times.  I often stop and wonder “Did I do enough?” “Did I respond to every question they had?”  ” Was I patient enough during homework?”  “Did I say I love you more than once to each of them?” “Did I compliment them enough?” “Did I encouraged them enough?”  “Did I give my husband quality time (no phone/social media)?” “Did I sent that email?” “How much time do I have this week to create a new post?” “Did I take care of my health today?”.  It’s easy to be considerate and patient with others… For some reason, it’s not as easy to be patient with myself.  When I don’t get something right one day I cannot wait for the next day so I can try again.  I am constantly looking forward to tomorrow, to the future.  It’s not a bad thing.  But I don’t consciously try to be present on the TODAY.  The only thing that slows me down from this crazy marathon I signed up for is looking at pictures of the people I love the most.  Looking at their smiling/or grumpy faces and knowing that they know I love them more than anything in this whole world.  Looking at pictures of when we went trick or treating for example, reminds me that I am a good mom.  That I do take time to spend quality time with them.  It reminds me that I do try my best to create new traditions for our family so that we can create amazing long lasting memories together… yeah… I am trying my best.  Yeah.  My best is good enough.  Yeah.  Everything is ok.  Because they are doing ok.  They are happy.  I am happy.  All of the sudden there is a feeling of.. “Life is wonderful.  I am so blessed.  I have so much love in my life” … Do you see what is happening here?  Looking back at old photos does that for me.  Try it.  It might do the same things for you.  I love that I have found something that brings me to a good place.  There are so many other things that I do that helps and I would love to hear what you do too!  This is one of my favorite ways to sit back and reflect on things that really matter.  This is of course, more on the personal side but I thought you might be ok with me posting things like this again.  Thanks for reading!



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