Monday May 09, 2016

Mother’s Day Weekend



Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.  What an amazing blessing it is to be a Mother.  I cherish the minutes/hours/days/years I get to spend with my children.  My husband and the kids really spoiled me this year.  We have been celebrating Mother’s day since last weekend!  Today’s breakfast was just too pretty to not share.  I died when I saw all these macaroons that Daniel got for me!  I am currently laying in bed because I caught an terrible cold this week.  I am grateful for all the sweet messages I got today via text and Snapchat (jessicahinkson8).  I am loving this perfume that Daniel got me.  It smells incredible!


I am so grateful for my babies.  They teach me, love me, and encourage me everyday.  I wanted to take high quality pictures of them outside but it was pouring rain all day!  Don’t they look cute?!


I could write for ever about my Mother.  When I was a kid I tried my best to understand her and do everything I thought would make her happy.  She did so much for others I wanted to do something for her too.  To me, my mom had so many amazing qualities that I wanted to learn more and so I  studied her a lot.  I was very observant as a kid and I watched how she served everyone around her, not just her family, but she offered great service to our neighborhood, church, and strangers.  Her soft heart and willingness to nurture and care for others has always been something I have admired.  As an adult I know understand in a deeper level what a mom does/sacrifice for her kids.  I often think about all of the things she did for her children that we will probably never know.  I can’t help but love her even more everyday.


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  1. Kati Holasz says:

    Amazing photos, love that you are keeping it simple and beautiful! ^_^

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