Friday May 20, 2016

The Skin Care Products I Use all year long





My skin care routine has been the most requested topic for the last 2 years!  It’s not that I didn’t want to spill my “secrets”… I just hadn’t found a product or skin care routine that I (at that time) was 100% satisfied with.  I try to give you quality content and my honest opinion when I talk about a product or a brand.  Although this is my “online diary” I also want it to feel like it’s yours as well.  I believe that we can come together, writer and reader and create amazing things together (more on this idea soon.. stay connected to find out what I’m up to).

Skin care is such a sensitive topic isn’t it?  For how many years have you tried to find the perfect products to give you young, healthy, radiant skin?  Bad skin can take a toll on your confidence and when something messes with your self esteem… everything else seems to go wrong (even things non related to your outside appearance).  I have always felt that even if I didn’t have the best designer clothes, or my ideal body weight… if I had great skin I would be just fine.  My determination to find the best products for my skin has been a long journey.  And believe me, when you spend almost 10 years passionately researching and testing products  you will come across many incredible products that with time it is sure to improve your skin.

As you might know, your skin in constantly changing, evolving, and adjusting to the season or change of weather.  As things  change I change my routine a bit.  But today I want to share with you the products that I use all year long!  Every few months (sometimes weeks) I like to add something new to my routine but what I’m going to share with you right now are the products I feel like I can’t leave without!  In the subject of Skin Care I could talk about so many different things.  If you want me share with your more knowledge on something you are specifically passionate about please leave a message below and leave a comment on my Instagram @kandjdiaries.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser- This cleanser doesn’t promise you anything crazy and extraordinary.. and that’s why my skin loves it so much.  It is the most gentle cleanser I have ever used.  I have used foamy cleansers before and the soap strips the natural oil of my skin making it produce extra and that’s when the breakouts come out.

Lush Celestial- Even though I have tried numerous day time creams I always go back to this one.  It smells divine and it has the right amount of moisture.  There is something really refreshing about being able to read understand the ingredients that goes into something you are about to put on your face! Creamy cocoa butter base, vanilla water, almond milk, fresh dove orchid extract… Do I need to say more?  No wonder it smells delicious.

Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream- I have been using anti-aging creams before going to bed since I was 19 years old.  I have always felt inspired by the dedication my mom had to take care of herself the best she could and I wanted to do the same (that’s when my determination to learn as much as I could about beauty/skincare/makeup/hair started!).  My mom introduced me to the Nerium night cream over a year ago.  I was surprised when she told me she had been using it for over a month and loved it.  She has the most sensitive skin I know of and I knew if she loved it I had to try it right away.  Although I personally know of many women and men that have had insane results after using the night cream (that feels more like a mask) I didn’t have those same results but that’s because wrinkles aren’t there yet.  I am trying to prevent (more like slow down) future wrinkles.  There is nothing wrong with getting older.  I just want to age gracefully (don’t you?!)  After two months of using it religiously I saw an improvement in my skin texture, uneven skin tone and pores!  It’s not your “typical” night cream/serum were you feel that extra thick moist in your skin.  To me it’s more like a mask that you leave over night.  When you put it on (damp skin) after a few seconds you feel your skin tighten (botox in a bottle?).  I am in love with this product.

Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream- I use this day and night.  I have dry under eyes and the fine lines I have had all my life will start looking like wrinkles if I don’t apply this in the morning too!  As soon as I put it on I can see a significantly improvement in texture and elasticity.

I want to add that I am a true believer in getting a chemical peel done every once in a while.  I am so grateful Spa Trouve introduced me to peels.  If you are about to hit a re-start button on your skin care regimen I would recommend getting a peel done as your first step!  I have written more about it here.

There are many products I would like to write about and if you are truly interested in finding out what I use or in the improvement of your skin please let me know!  I also want to learn from you and I would love to find out what keeps your skin young and healthy.






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