Monday June 13, 2016

3 products that will prevent and cure split ends



Here comes the sun, the bleached hair, the bleached pool water, the new and trendy hair styles and hair tools.  With all the fun we are having, are we really giving much thought to proper hair care?  I’m not quite sure when it happened but as long as I remember I have always been passionate about taking the best care for my hair, almost to the point of obsession.  Is there a better word to describe it?  Somehow the word “obsession” has a little bit of a negative connotation doesn’t it?  I have always known the best qualities of my hair and what it lacked as well.  Blondes want to be brunettes, brunettes want to be blonde, ladies with straight hair want great volume and perfect beach waves, and gals with curly hair do everything and use everything to keep those curls tamed, or some just use the blowdryer and straightener and go for the straight,sleek looking hair style.  No one has “perfect” hair in their own eyes.  But can you blame us for trying?

Split ends should be one of our biggest concerns when it comes to hair.  I cannot possibly tell you to stop doing what you are doing or to not go to the salon and get the hair color you have been waiting months to get done.  No one can take that right from you.  It’s you hair and you should be able to do anything you want with it.   Just look at me! I went from brunette to blonde and it was a big dramatic change.  It took me a few months decide if I wanted to go through it or not.  I was very aware that it would be a long process and honestly, I was ok with that.  I wanted to still keep my hair as healthy as I could.  Most of the time faster isn’t necessarily better.  Once the definite decision was made I became obsessed with everything that had to do with my hair.  I constantly think about how much heat I use on my hair, the temperature of the water I use to wash it, and of course, the products.  My usual determination to find the best beauty products is at another level right now.

Is no surprise to you that I am Kérastase’s biggest fan.  I appreciate the different range of hair care products they offer because I am bound to find those few products that work for my hair type.  Dry, bleached and occasionally frizzy hair.  The Kérastase Nutritive line is meant for dry, and very damaged hair.  It’s intense.  And I love it.  I just recently found out that they have reinvented Nutritive! These products are incredible, and now they have somehow made them better?!  It goes without saying that before I run out of these products, you’ll find me shopping for the new Nutritive goodies.  Speaking of shopping, Pureza Spa is having a buy one get half off deal on this exact line of products (the original) until supplies last.


This hair mask has been everything and more.  I leave it for 3-5 minutes and the results I get make me feel as if I have hair as beautiful as those models you see on the cover of Vogue.  You want that feeling too right?!  Let’s move on the the other two products.  On damp hair I use 1-2 pumps of the Oléo-Relax oil, I warm it up in my hands and I apply it to ends of my hair.  Whatever if left of it I will do a quick run with my fingers through my hair.  And last but not least is the Immersion Nutritive, a pre-shampoo nutrition replenisher.  The instructions say to apply to dry or well towel-dried hair, coating each individual strand.  Massage and leave for at least 10 minutes and then shampoo twice (this would be step one, if you were to do this in order).  The owner of the salon I go to shared a great hair tip and said that I can also leave it overnight (wear a towel or night cap) and wash it the next day.




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