Tuesday June 07, 2016

A Liquid lipstick color for every mood with Smashbox


DSC_0124BAWSE– To wear a red lip, I require confidence.  I have to feel bold and have a “I know what I want” attitude.  Wearing a red lip encourages me to do what I love doing regardless of the obstacles and noise around me.



OUT LOUD– Playful and flirty.  Two words that I normally would not use to describe myself (out loud).  But I feel like we are close enough that I can be open with you and we can talk about things like that right?  Believe it or not I am mostly an introverted person.  I have to push myself to be more extroverted and it will always depend on the occasion. This is one of the many reasons why I choose to write and share my own photos on my website.  It pushes me to do “uncomfortable” things  (in a very good way) while helping my creative juices flow and it expands my wings so that I can fly as high as I want to.  Wearing an orange (brick like color) lips reminds me that life is fun.  That I have this one life to make it as exciting as possible.

smashbox collage2



SHOCKAHOLIC– Embracing my feminine and soft side by wearing a beautiful pink liquid lipstick. My mother always tough me to be soft spoken, to take care of my appearance and be confident.  That was her version of being a woman.  A feminine walking flower who knew her manners very well.  I have made a slight modification to this significance and what it means now, to a modern day woman or at least what it means to me.  Being strong can also be feminine.  Being feminine does not equal being weak.  I wasn’t necessarily raised to speak my own mind and I learned to do that and many other things on my own which I am very grateful for.  Those experiences has been life changing for me.  I believe that being strong is very sexy.  This quote I found online was too beautiful not to share:  “Be soft.  Do no let the world make you hard.  Do not let pain make you hate.  Do not let bitterness steal your sweetness”.  Be strong.  Be confident.  Be feminine. Be you.


smashbox collage1


There are so many more colors to go with possibly every mood you may have! Now, let’s talk about the product shall we?  I have tried several liquid lipstick formulas and I can say that from my own experience, the Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lipsticks are very unique and it stands out among the collection I have in my vanity.  It all starts with the formulation.  This liquid-matte formula is infused with the lip-soothing Smashbox Primer Oil complex leaves your lips “suede-soft” in an array of gorgeous colors.  They are very pigmented and for most shades I only needed one application.  If you are to apply a second layer wait for it to dry first before applying some more.  Aside from the 8 hour long wear the second best things about these lipsticks is the fact that they are incredibly comfortable on your lips!  Shortly after applying it I forgot I even had anything on.  I went on about my day, talking, eating, drinking and I never once thought about it.  I want to give the Smashbox team a digital high-five for creating an impressive product!

I always appreciate a good brand and Smashbox has always impressed me with their collections of trendy and fashion forward colors.  Although I am a fan of pretty and over the top packages, I can also see the value in smart, minimalistic packaging which is were Smashbox stands.  There is definitely a celebrity appeal with many of their products as well.  Did you know that it first started as a photography studio?  Smashbox focuses on creating products and colors that photograph well.  That sort of focus and goal really encourages me to try more of their cosmetic products!




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