Thursday June 09, 2016

Always in Motion


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How is it possible that another month has come and gone and now we are in June?!  I have been thinking a lot this week about what I actually do with my time.  What I spend most of my time doing and if I am ( if at all) good at time management.  I suppose, being a Mother, blogger, photographer, writer, a homemaker and a creative director for Verisage really puts me in the position where I have to think twice about how I use my time.  So I think it’s fair to say I am currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Time Management.

I am always in motion.  Even when sitting down to work my mind is racing while clicking on different tabs, reading and researching like mad, typing fast as if my life depended on it and going back to read things over and over again to make sure the information is being absorbed properly….  Working from home has amazing perks.  Working from home has amazing challenges.  Sweet little voices (not always sweet) cry for me every 10 minutes which is actually not too frequent for little kids.  While I try to refocus after attending their needs I have a 2-second window were I think to myself.  Do I ever stop moving?  Can I keep this up?

Life is beautiful and this one life on earth is so precious.  How I spend my time requires some thinking and lots of planning.   Always in motion is not a bad thing at all.  I think I will always strive to find that ideal balance between work and my personal life.  But you see, my “work” is based on creativity and on thinking outside the box so it encourages me to reach high and expand my wings.  Is that not fascinating?  As far as my personal life goes, being a dedicated mother and wife fulfills a big (most important) part of who I am.  Why would I give up on any of those things?  Impossible.  I cannot.  If I come across a hard day I know that what I am doing isn’t really the problem.  I need to work on my organization skills and be better at planning tomorrow before tomorrow begins, planning the week before the week begins and if possible, planning the month before the month begins.  I have also found that meal prepping or at least planning what I am going to make a week in advance really frees up a lot of time.  Getting a sitter twice a week so that I can be the most productive with work.. INGENIOUS.  I recently started working most of my hours after my husband gets home from work or after the kids go to bed and it has been a game changer.

I do believe that slowing down every once in a while is good.  It’s good for your soul, it’s good for your health, and it’s good for your family.  The thing is, even when I am “slowing down”, my mind usually isn’t.

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