Monday June 20, 2016

Glow like a boss







Highlighting with creams instead of powders will most definitely make you glow like a boss.  By now you probably know all about strobing, right? You haven’t?..Do you want to learn what it is and how to use it correctly?  To put it in simple words, strobing is basically highlighting to another level.

If you really want to do it properly, you should use creams as a base and then powder ( if you wish you glow like a beam of sun ray).  At least, that’s what celebrity makeup artists do.  Let’s all be our own makeup artist I say.  I have heard that there is not such thing as too much highlight when talking about strobing.  Do you know what that means?  If you ever wanted to glow so hard this is the time.  However,  I feel the need to advice you to not over do it.  Specially if you are going to be around people who don’t appreciate the art of makeup like you do.  You don’t want them to question wether you are glowing or sweating up a storm! But when it comes to photoshoots or special events heck yes! Use that highlight until your heart is content.

The name strobing is new but the technique itself is not.  Celebrity makeup artists have been doing it for many years.  This technique doesn’t take as much experience as contouring.  And the PÜR Strobe/Highlight Palette makes it even easier for you!


To apply, start with the high point of the cheekbone, center of the nose, followed by above the Cupid’s bow. You can apply down the center or the face and even on the collarbone to usher in more light. With the cream highlighters, you can easily build and blend to create the perfect, pearlescent look.  If you have never been a fan of contouring because it seems intimidating (and it is!) this palette can help you out with that as well! Using a stippling brush apply the darkest shade on your palette to the bottom of your cheekbones using a swiping motion.  Go back and forth gently and don’t forget to apply the cream bronzer to the top of your forehead and around the sides too so that it looks more natural.  If you are going to contour with this palette then this would be the first step.  Apply the highlighter later.  To add a bit of color to my cheeks I grab my NYX lipstick (512A Paparazzi) and with the same stippling brush I apply it to my cheeks.  Everything blends perfectly together and the results I get is addicting and that’s why for the last two weeks I have replaced my powder contour products for the Sun-Kissed Glow Strobe/Highlight Palette.






Dress: Banana Republic  |  Makeup: PÜR Strobe/Highlight Palette (I also used it on this post)

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