Saturday June 04, 2016

How to blog all day and still be present in the moment



My cousin/assistant/bestie told me that Macklemore was coming to Salt Lake City, Utah and I of course had to get a ticket to go see him!  Although it was planned 2 weeks ahead somehow it still felt like a last min decision and I felt as if I was running all day trying to hit a big deadline for work or something along those lines.  As a mom, as a homemaker, as a blogger (and more) I have to make sure all the important things get done before “fun time” comes.  Since “slowing dow” (I’ll talk more about this later), I am trying to pick up my health and my brain as well! I thought after letting go of most of the things I had going on that my brain would be more organized and clear, and it is! But I still occasionally forget to do some basic things like.. letting my husband know I’m going to a concert and he needs to be mommy and daddy for the night.  It’s not a big deal, and he is super understanding.  But for me.. I just can’t believe I forgot to tell him until the day of!

While I was getting work done, running errands, taking the kids to fun activities, cleaning our home and making meals I just kept thinking if and how I could make a post out of it (the concert), and when and how to document this on social media.  I started to stress about the fact that I couldn’t take my big DSLR camera to the concert therefore I would not have HD pictures to share with you guys.  And while I was thinking about that I realized I had “nothing” to wear! Now, these are totally first world problems and to me, these are not as important as taking time to make a nutritious meal for my husband to feed our family while I’m gone.  But because I truly enjoy posting on here and all of my social media channels I always want to share so many things with you.   I want to share experiences, new trends, great makeup finds, tips, advice, I want to create a platform where we ALL feel like we are part of it and because I enjoy it so much it is constantly in the back of my head.  Automatically I am always in the look out for something rad to take a picture of and it’s frustrating at times because I don’t always carry my good camera around.

I am pretty self aware of my thoughts and feelings (that has come with years of practice) and I am grateful I now have the skills to tell my mind to stop.  Take a few minutes to think things through, figure out why I am feeling like I am feeling and to CHILL.  Although it is impossible to document everything into a physical photo, blog post, or into writing I do take all the of memories and wonderful experiences in my heart.  And when I think back on those experiences it makes my chest burn from happiness and the butterflies and laugher comes too.  Sometimes reflecting even if it’s for 2 minutes helps me be more present in the moment and put the real priorities first.

I had a few minutes to spare (not really) after grocery shopping and I told the kids I only needed to quickly stop by the mall to get one t-shirt.  “Just one t-shirt and I will be super super quick” I promised them.  I am pretty good at sticking to my promises with my kids not just because I love them so much but also because if I don’t, their pretty faces turn into frowns very quickly and that breaks my heart. So I put my mind and eyes into gear and power walked through the store and quickly found this T-shirt at Forever21 and honestly it made me laugh a little because how true it is sometimes.  Although I don’t blog every single day, the thoughts comes to mind at times that “this could of been a good post” or “If I would have brought my camera I could have blogged about it”.  These thoughts specially come to mind when something amazing happens and I wish so bad somehow I could have known it was going to happen so that I could of been more prepared.  Sometimes it’s me creating a new makeup look that I fall in love with but I know if I don’t write it down or at least take a quick pictures with my phone I will forget how I did it.  Or that one time my outfit, hair and makeup looks rad but no one can ever see it or appreciate it (darn).  I never do any of those things for other people but when the end of the day comes and I come back home ready to take my makeup off I sometimes think “why didn’t we get pictures done today?” haha.

So I guess what I am saying is, if you are a blogger whether you do it for a business or a hobby, it’s ok that you want to take pictures of everything.  It’s ok that you want to share awesome experiences, and pretty things on your blog.  People love looking at pretty posts and if you are really good at it, readers feel as if they had experienced it with you.  Taking a reader on a journey is pretty exciting isn’t?  I think as long as you know what your priorities are and take a little bit of time to reflect and bring yourself back to the moment  everything is going to be fine.  When I know something is important to me and I want to fully enjoy whatever activity I am going to do I tell myself  that if it’s possible I will take just a couple of pictures but 99% of my time, energy and focus will be on enjoying that one person, experience, event or concert to my full capacity.  When you set some basic rules like that it’s easier to be present in the moment.  Here is another example, if Daniel and I go out to eat and I want to take a picture of our delicious meal I give myself 1-2 min max. I take 3-4 pictures.  That’s it.  After that we spend the rest of the time enjoying each other and catching up.  Blogging doesn’t take away from my special time with my husband.  Does that make sense?







Last night was sick! A small group of us went to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and the whole performance was amazing!  Towards the end my brother had to help me get away from the insane crowd because I was starting to feel dizzy.  The oxygen is limited for short girls who are standing, jumping and dancing around hundreds of tall people who are blocking the air from you!  My hair, makeup was a mess 1 hour into the concert and that was whole point wasn’t it?  I was completely in the moment and I had a sweaty back to prove it.   I love watching people be creative and thrive in what they love doing.  It is obvious to everyone that he is passionate about music, that he is passionate about the lyrics of his songs, that he is passionate about the massive crowd of people that came to watch him and Ryan.  It reminded me that such a big production can’t be done without the help of an A-kicking team!  Everything requires balance and I can’t say that I have it figured out completly but I do work on it on a daily basis.  What I am looking for is improvement and not perfection.  I am grateful to have around me many people that support me in my creative endeavors and inspire me to be more and do more.  I am grateful for all of you who are a big part of the reason why I do what I do.  Love you guys.



PS:  To see more of lat night’s concert go to my snapchat (jessicahinkson8) before it gets deleted! I got a few requests on Snapchat to do this makeup tutorial so let me know if you are interested as well.


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