Thursday June 02, 2016

Trying new things can lead to self-discovery

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Eyeliner: Lacôme Drama Liqui- Pencil in Baroque and Ampoulé  |  Foundation: Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able in Honey Light 52  |  Blazer: Banana Republic

Is trying new things something we should only do when the new year starts?  Is it ok to try lots of new things all at once?  How often is a new thing, a good thing?  Is the thought of doing something different a little daunting?  Do you have people around you that encourage you to grow and support you in your journey (whatever that is for you)?  Is doing things different than everybody else even part of your personality?  If not, do you force it? Do you push through it?

The last year has been a tremendous learning experience.  I went on a “self discovery” journey at full power without noticing how fast I was going.  I was running so fast and because of that, experiences that I never thought I would come across with happened and it was the most wonderful year.  I did so much.  But I did too much.  I found myself desperately searching for balance while I still enjoyed that adrenaline rush, that feeling that told me I could do it because I have always thought “why not me?, why not you?”

An open discussion with you about balance, career, family life, personal development and health can each be a blog post on it’s on.  So I won’t do it all right now but I plan on discussing all things that really matter to me on this online platform.  Not just style and beauty posts (although they do bring me much joy!)

Here is what I know to be true:  I do not like the feeling of “being stuck in a rut”.  To feed my creativity I have to step out and try new things.  The rewards for doing as such are so amazing that if you are the type to never try something different you might second guess the way you normally do things.  Have you ever wanted to increase you confidence? of course you have! Going out of your way, stepping out of your comfort zone definitely takes confidence.  It’s unexpected yet fulfilling at the same time when you surprise yourself and realize the potential you’ve held all along! But you can only tap into those talents if you push yourself to do so.  You also start realizing that you need to appreciate yourself for all you do and are capable of doing.  Trying a new thing, wether it’s a new hobby, a new look, a new career, will help you to appreciate what you are really made of.  Have appreciation for you self.  Self-love is the most important of all.  While you go on your new journey you will learn many new skills.  Some through good experiences and some.. well, let’s be honest.. most of those learning skills will come from challenging experiences.  You can’t let your fear of failing hold you down.  Believe me, I know that feeling very well.  Persistency will become your new best friend.  And even when things don’t go as planned, know for a fact that you are leaving that experience with new knowledge and new skills.  One of the benefits that I got from trying new things is that it helped me see the value around me.  I gained so much perspective and I gained a huge appreciation and a sense of value for the things and people around me.  And now things like time with my kids, friendship, interacting with strangers at a store, and interacting with my husband all seems completely new and refreshing.

It is also true that I did too much.  There is so much more I want to share with you! (PART 2 TO BE CONTINUED..)

You don’t have to start by doing something big and significant.  Sometimes trying something new can be as simple as styling your hair different or reading a few pages of a good book a day.  My favorite thing to do when I feel like I want to do something creative is to go to my makeup counter and pick bright colors to play with.  It is so fun.  I picked up these two Drama Liqui-Pencils from Lancôme that were laying on my counter to create a fun winged liner! I used Baroque and Ampoulé (gorgeous colors!).  I literally had this makeup on for 12 hours and it stayed put throughout the whole day!  It has a creamy constancy when you put it on so it is very comfortable on you eyelids.  Spring and Summer are the perfect times to play with different looks isn’t it?

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