Sunday July 16, 2017

Tips & Tricks To Get This Easy Sunday Makeup Look


Sunday morning is probably just as hectic for us than any other morning during the week!  We have church in the morning and I need to make sure the kids don’t sleep in so they have time to eat a good healthy breakfast.  I cannot forget to pack snacks and their notepads, and of course I need to get ready too.  Simplicity is KEY on Sundays.  When it to comes to my hair and makeup routine, I keep it simple and quick.  There is no need or time for false lashes, super creative eye looks or fancy hair styles for that matter ( But if I do my hair a day before it would last me until Sunday for sure! Gotta plan ahead for that one).  So here are my tips and tricks for an easy Sunday look:

  • Stick to the same morning skincare routine.  Never sacrifice your skin! Your future self will thank you.
  • Wanna glow but don’t want to have to take the time to highlight the high points of your face?  Mix your favorite foundation and a liquid highligther or illuminating primer and apply it all over your face.  You’ll get a pretty glow without all the work.  For this look I used the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Light Wonder foundation by Charlotte Tilbury and a pump of the Backlight Primer by Becca.  Three quick pumps to the back of my hand and I mixed it with my ring finger.
  • Use your blush not only for the apple of your cheeks but also as an eyeshadow!  Time is of the essence people.
  • Forget about false lashes (unless you are a pro and can put them on in 3o seconds or less).  I like to go for a good quality mascara  on a day like this.  I used the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara for that intense length on my top and bottom lashes.
  • Sculpt those cheeks in 1 minute by using a contour product that is easy to apply and that is quick to blend.  The Studio Skin Face Shaping Sticks are my new go-to.   And you can make your life even easier by using the other side of the Face Shaping Sticks which is a foundation! Seriously people, Foundation on one side, contour cream on the other.. THANK YOU Smashbox!  I didn’t have a shade that matched my skin at the moment or else I would of used this perfect duo!
  • Apply a lipstick that will keep your lips moist throughout the day (no lip liner needed).  I love to use liquid lipsticks too but those require me to be extra careful and we are going for quick and easy right guys?! Today I used the Laura Mercier Lip Parfait Creamy Colour Balm in Rasberry Ripple (Love this pretty pink color!).
  • I’ll be honest with you guys, I like to keep my Sunday makeup routine super fast not only because of our tight schedule but also because I know my eyebrows take me the longest out of anything else I do and I choose to spend the most time in any look I’m going for making sure I get the correct brow shape.  So that part does not change, no matter what day of the week it is. 🙂

Studio Skin Face Shaping Stick by Smashbox Cosmetics



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