Wednesday October 18, 2017

How to fake a flawless complexion


Faking a smooth, almost perfect complexion is not as hard as you think!  The Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer has quickly found it’s way to my “permanent” makeup kit.  Because of the nature of my job I do have a lot of makeup (but never enough), and choosing what goes in this kit is a long process.  My makeup kit contains products that I trust will not only work for me but for most or all skin tones and skin textures of my clients too.

You guys know I am a massive fan of their Vanish Seamless Foundation stick.  But it took me a while to try their primer.  I find that trying out primes is just as scary as trying out a new skin care product.  If you have acne prone/sensitive skin I say forget about using most primers out there.  I put my skin through  a lot when I try new products and sometimes primes will do more wrong than good if your skin is as sensitive as mine.  So trust me when I say.. most primers are just not worth it.  But here comes some good news:  The Veil Mineral Primer is very gently on your skin.  In case I was just having a lucky day I used it multiple times after that first day.  It has never clogged my pores once!  Of course, proper cleansing in your night time routine will help tremendously.  I feel silly writing this but… NEVER EVER sleep with makeup on.  You guys know that already right?!

When I first applied the Veil Mineral Primer to my skin I said “WOW!” out loud and froze for a few seconds.  Not for the reasons you might be thinking though.  My face looked slightly… purple! I thought well maybe the SPF that is in this primer looks like that on my dark skin.  I decided to give it a try and I finished applying it on the rest of my face.  After I applied foundation on top I felt confident and looked forward to checking my makeup through out the day to see if it would really work.  And it totally did work.  It’s a fantastic primer!  While I was applying it to my face I was really intrigued by the silky texture of this primer.  It leaves a very smooth even surface making the foundation glide effortlessly.  This primer will reduce the look of pores, wrinkles, and redness.  If you don’t have perfect skin (who does really?) and want to fake a flawless complexion I highly suggest you give the Veil Mineral Primer a try!







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