Friday November 10, 2017

Birthday trip to San Francisco


My sister Karen and I are November babies and I convinced her that turning 30 was nothing to be depressed about and that she should go on a a trip to celebrate!  She invited me to go with her and it was such a great trip!  Karen did all the planning (she is so good at it!).  She had all the places she wanted to visit all scheduled out and even though I didn’t know exactly what we were going to do in SF previous to the trip I knew were were going to be BUSY.  Let me just tell you… we walked what felt like thousands and thousands of miles haha.  Of course we used Uber when we needed to but it was so great that we walked so much because we got to see more of San Francisco that way.

Our first stop was The Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary.  The first time I went to SF I left a little dissapointed that I didn’t get to tour this prison.  I thought it looked so cool and spooky and I wanted to learn about the history of this prison.  Let me tell you.. it was creepy!  The ferry left us there and we were one of the last groups to be dropped off at the island… they told us to not miss the last ferry when it comes back to pick us up.. That just sounded like the beginning of a scary movie… I tried my best to not let my mind wonder but I thought for a second how scary it would be if we were stranded in the island!

Alcatraz island used to be a maximum high-security federal prison and it’s not too far from the city!  If you ever come to San Francisco you have to take the Alcatraz cruise.  Click here for more info.

Isn’t she a cutie?! I love her.

We got to see the most amazing views from the ferry on our way back to the city!

On the second day we visited the Japanese Tea Garden!  As I walked in this gorgeous garden I felt so much harmony and peace.  I’m just going to tell you right now how badly I want to go to Japan like today!  I’ll just let the images speak for itself.  Here is a link to their official website for more info!

We had some delicious lunch afterwards!  We went to a Korean restaurant and it was so legit!  The food was incredible. To tell you the truth everything we ate during our trip was delicious!  San Francisco is well known for their amazing restaurants.

We also went to downtown which is a MUST in my opinion when you are visiting a big city.  I love how busy, loud and crazy downtown is.  We stopped by several incredible stores and did a little shopping!



You better believe we went to the “Full House” neighborhood!  It was one of our favorite TV shows when we were kids!  So many memories came to my mind while I was looking at these pretty houses!  And the view of the city in the background was amazing as well!  The third day in San Francisco was definitely my favorite.

Of course, the Golden Gate Bridge is such a classic spot for tourists! We walked across the bridge which I had mentally prepared myself for in advance because I’m so scared of heights!  It wasn’t too bad.. I felt dizzy in the beginning but the view was so pretty it distracted me from getting more sick.  I took some pretty shots from the bridge which made it all worth it!  We also walked to the Golden Gate beach and park.  SO. MUCH. WALKING.

Karen being all cute again! She was so nice to take turns with me holding my camera bag… after walking for a while it felt heavier and heavier on my shoulder haha.

We went to Pier 39 our first night in SF but we had to go again in the day time! You can appreciate it so much more!  Karen was dying to see the sea lions and we literally stood and watched them fight and make loud noises for 15 minutes haha.  We saw a few baby sea lions too! They were so sleepy and adorable!

At this point it was around 4 or 5pm and we had walked ALL DAY!  We desperately wanted to take an Uber to our next stop but Karen’s phone had died and mine was at 1 % and I didn’t had the app downloaded since Karen already had it in her phone.  I thought for sure if I tried to download an app right then my phone would die and oddly enough it stayed alive at 1% for another 30 minutes haha.  We decided to pretend to be cool city girls and walk.. it was so hard that it made me laugh several times as we were sweating walking up lots and lots of hills.. I don’t remember if Karen was laughing or not haha.  But of course walking to so many places at this point had proven to be so worth it because of all we got to see on our way to our destinations.  We saw this bakery on our way to Lombard Street, the most curved road in the world!  We got some snacks to-go to help up survive the rest of the walk haha.

At this point I felt like a grandma and my hips were killing me but nevertheless.. we made it!

So now that we had reached our destination, took some pictures, caught our breath and stretched our legs a bit we were SOOOO ready to go back to the Airbnb place we were staying at and call it a night…  We were so far away from the house there was no way we could walk anymore.. luckily we found a little grocery store in a corner and they kindly let us charge our phones there.

Once we got back we collapsed in the bed and only quickly got up to wash our faces, put on pjs and pack our things because we had an early flight the next morning and then we collapsed in the bed again.  At about 10pm we felt so hungry because we hadn’t had any dinner and we quickly got dressed (in 2 min I swear!) and took an Uber to go to a Spanish restaurant.  Once again, the food did not disappoint! If you saw my Instagram Stories you got to see pictures and videos of all the food we ate.

I loved this trip and all the random/scary/funny adventures I got to experience with Karen.  Happy birthday to us!  I hope you enjoyed this post.  I tried so hard to not post all the photos I took but somehow I still posted a ton of them haha.



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  1. Karen Zaro says:

    This was so fun to read! It took me back to every single thing we did and experienced together!! I started remembering our tunnel power walk and Oh man I’m trying so hard not to laugh too hard so I don’t wake up my kids!! It was the absolute best trip ever!! I can’t wait for our next trip!!! Love you

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