Monday January 08, 2018

Why “Me Time” Is Important for Happiness


I have been a huge advocate for “ME TIME” for many years now.  I first came across this philosophy when I started my self development journey.  Everything about this journey was new.  Trying to find who I really was, learning about my skills, my likes, the good and the bad..  In the mist of that (I can talk more about this later)  having “Me Time” was something I learned about while reading one of the many self development related books I was ready at that time.  I remember thinking “this sounds wonderful!” but once I put it to practice it did not feel wonderful at all at first.  I felt lots of guilt like most women and Mothers out there.  Little by little it felt less “wrong” taking time to devote to myself.  Of course, this was never “wrong”  in the first place.  But this whole concept was so new to me!  I am deeply grateful and amazed at my journey.  I first developed this interest of figuring out my purpose in this life after going through the most terrible of pains a person can go through.  At my lowest, I found strength to try again.  I took it day by day.  Part of my healing process was taking a little bit of time to be alone.  There are many ways that you can do this.  You can spend more time in nature, read a good book, meditate, etc.  One of my favorite things to do for “Me Time” is taking long baths over the weekend.  It’s been my weekend ritual for years!  My whole body relaxes and all the worries and stresses of life disappears for a moment.  This special time is so important for happiness. It’s important for your health too!  The benefits are endless.  Recharging your energy is not just beneficial for you but for those around you as well.  If you are feeling exhausted, stressed, rushed and emotionally, mentally and even physically done with all the things you are juggling then YOU NEED THIS.  I encourage you to set aside 15 min to start with if this is a new concept for you.  You will feel energized, clear headed, more productive, creative, patient and healthy.

Laura Mercier Crème Brûlée Honey Bath has turned my regular bath time into a luxurious experience. I have used it twice this weekend! It is the best smelling bath product I’ve ever encountered.  It has a sweet, warm smell that is not too strong.  It left my skin feeling so soft!  Try the Crème Brûlée Soufflé Body Crème for the FULL EXPERIENCE.  It seriously smells like freshly made Crème Brûlée.

I would love to know what you like doing during your “Me Time” and if you feel guilty or selfish about making time for you I hope this post is a friendly reminder that “Me Time” is so important for happiness.



*Thank you to Laura Mercier for these products.  It made my weekend! 

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