Wednesday March 14, 2018

How to get a bronzed beach glow


Spending a couple of minutes to boost my confidence before going to beach is a must for me!  Feeling bronzed and radiant helps me to not focus on the fact that I’m not at my ideal weight goal yet haha.  Girls, the new Liquid Highlighters by The Balm will definitely help you look and feel like a bronzed goddess!

The original highlighter compact powders by The Balm are a staple in my makeup kit but something about having them in a liquid form with the applicator makes getting ready for a beach or pool day so much easier.  I personally did not use a brush or sponge to apply the liquid highlighters that day.  Here is the thing girls, it dries FAST!  Whichever way you choose to blend the highlighter you need to do it quickly.  I recommend that you blend the product immediately after you apply it to your skin.  I did one side of my face first before the other side.  And I did the same thing when applying some of that wonderful highlighter to my shoulders and collar bone.  I focused on one area at a time.

I love using both the Mary-Dew Manizer and the Bonnie-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighters.  They go so well together!  I used the golden/bronzed shade (Bonnie-Dew Manizer) as a bronzer.  I first applied it to the hollows of my cheek and blended the product up towards my hair line.  I then applied very small amounts to the side of my nose, under the jawline and to the perimeter of my face blending the color quickly towards my hair line.  Then I used the Mary-Dew Manizer to brighten up the areas were I normally apply powder highlighter (the tops of my cheekbones, brow bone, dow the bridge of my nose, on the cupid’s bow of my lip and the inner cornners of my eyes).  I was feeling a little “extra” and I also applied the liquid highlighters on my body too!  This trick will make you look 5 pounds lighter immediately!  I used both of the highlighters to create that glow on my body.  I first applied the Bonnie-Dew Manizer Liquid Highlighter on my collar bone and my shoulders.  I blended the product using the palm of my hand and then gently rubbed on my skin back and forth to “melt” the product into my skin.  I then added some Mary-Dew Manizer on top of where I had already applied the darker highlighter.

If you follow me on Instagram @kandjdiaries you have probably seen the work I did on a client and I did use both of these products on my beautiful model.  I used a beauty sponge by Real Techniques to blend the product and it worked just as great!  It all comes down to preference.  I don’t mind getting my fingers dirty if that means I have more control of the product application.. Try both and let me know what works best for you! As you can tell by those pictures I am a lot darker than the gorgeous SaraJane.  But she still looked amazing because I used very very little product and I took my time to blend each side of her face.  Let me know if you want a breakdown of everything I used to create that pretty Spring look.

In these photos I have a little bit of eyeshadow on which is not necessary for a beach day at all.  But there are 4 things I like to do before leaving the house in a swimsuit:

1)Apply sunscreen to my face and body.

2)Do my brows and set it with a waterproof brow gel.

3)Apply waterproof mascara (unless I’m wearing sunglasses the whole time).

4)Use a bit of  liquid bronzer or highlighter for that instant boost of confidence.

You can tell that my skin was not ready for summer quite yet!  I live in Utah and it was snowing when I left to Peru!  Even though I applied lots of sunscreen my arms started peeling right away.  Aside from that I had the most wonderful time with my family at the beach!  The weather in Paracas, Peru was perfect.. Hot, a little windy and at night we had the most amazing ocean breeze.  I can’t wait to write a blog post about my recent trip to Peru!

Thank you to my little sister Melanie for letting me using her arm for pictures haha.  Love you Melanie!



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