Wednesday April 18, 2018

Family first- My trip to Peru


As I was looking through all the photos I took on my most recent trip to Peru I couldn’t help but to have the biggest smile on my face.  I wish you could see the entire folder… 99.9% of the photos were of my family, the people I love and treasure the most in my life.  I had originally planned on creating a lot of content to post on my blog during this trip.  But once I got there all I ever wanted to do was spent time with my family, and take pictures of my family.  I did get some work done which I am happy to report.  But the most significant part of this trip was the quality time I spent with my sisters, my dad, cousins, and grandparents.  Oh gosh, my heart feels all warm and happy just thinking about all of them.

I could of picked any other place to go take a little vacation to.  But every time, I choose Peru.  I love my family and I love my country dearly.  I don’t completely understand all the reasons as to why I feel overwhelmed with so many emotions when I speak, share, write, post about HOME and FAMILY.

This trip was very unique because my older sister Karen and her family happened to be living in Peru during this time, my little sister Melanie found last minutes tickets and flew with her entire family a few days before me, my Dad lives in Peru and my new baby brother was born a month before I arrived to Peru.  It was a very eventful trip to say the least.  Before booking my flight I had this feeling that I needed to go sooner than later.  I had planned on going in April, but I felt the urge to go at the beginning of March.  I am so glad I trusted that feeling.  A few days before arriving to Lima my Abuelito got very sick  and so we spent a lot of time going back and forth between the house and the hospital.  I don’t want to share to much on this subject but I am so grateful that I got to visit him many times in the hospital.  I got to hug him, talk to him, hold his hand, watch him fall asleep, kiss his forehead and hear him sing.  Family really is EVERYTHING.  I treasure every second I got to spent with all of my family that lives in Peru.

Going to Paracas  was so nice because in Utah the weather was still awful.  When I left, there was so much snow on the ground and I was counting the minutes to get to Peru because I knew it was summer over there!  We were only in Paracas for 3 days and the rest of the time we spent in Lima.  It was perfect.  The weather, the food, the beach house, the music, the beach.. everything was incredible because of the people I was with.  My goal is to come back home once a year if possible.  My heart needs it.



*I had a 8 hour layover in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Yes, 8 hours!  It wasn’t too bad.  I had the most amazing brunch at a restaurant that was right across from the beach so I was able to eat delicious food while watching the most amazing scenery.  After brunch I just walked across the street and I took the most relaxing nap I have ever had.  The sun felt so warm on my face, the ocean breeze was perfect, and the sounds of waves put me to sleep right away!  I did get a little sunburn but I didn’t realize that until I arrived to Lima, Peru.

*Airbnb is the greatest business idea ever.  This incredible place was the beach house we stayed at for a few days.  I even gave you guys a house tour on my Instagram stories (@kandjdiaries) because a lot of you asked for it, remember?

*I took the most blury pictures of the flamingos haha.. part of me didn’t want to post these photos but hey, I saw flamingos in Paracas! I feel like I have to document it here on the blog!



*You don’t have to be Peruvian to understand how yummy this is.. I want one right now.


*Dad and sisters!

*Back to Lima


*Feeding pigeons is a must if you are in the Centro De Lima!  Okay, is not a MUST.  I would never do this… but my little nieces were so brave and excited to feed the pigeons haha.

*This little angel is one of the main reasons why this was such a memorable trip.  Meeting my baby brother, Cody for the first time was so special to me.


*My long layover in Florida was actually perfect.  I got a chance to get a little tan and take a long nap!

*I am so bummed that I didn’t take enough pictures of all the amazing food I ate during this trip!


*My first day in Peru, before my tan.

*A week later… much much more tan haha.


*Isn’t this place gorgeous?!  A museum, a garden and a restaurant in one place!  Thank you Karen and Michael for taking me here.


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