Saturday April 07, 2018

Keep hair smooth and manageable with two drugstore products

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Wether I am styling my hair or keeping it natural there are two products that helps keep my hair smooth and manageable.  My hair is naturally curly and on the dry side.  When my hair is processed or bleached it dries my hair to a whole new level!  I am aware of the toll it takes on my hair and that’s why I love searching and trying out new hair products just as much as makeup!  Oils, masks, serums, protecting sprays, you name it.  I love it all.

When I wash my hair I have to put a hair cream on before I start brushing it.  If I don’t use a smoothing cream I will end up breaking a lot of hair while getting all the knots out, specially the bleached highlights (that’s the “weakest” part of my hair).  The Miracle Leave In Plus Keratin by It’s A 10 has been such a game changer!  Not only does it strengthen my hair, seals the cuticles and is a fantastic detangler, but it is also very nourishing and it protects against the heat.  When I don’t use this product it’s very obvious, because my hair is  not as soft and smooth.  This hair cream works wonderfully on all any hair types.  My little daughter has very fine curly hair.  She will wake up with double or triple the knots in her hair the next morning, it’s crazy!  This has saved her from lots of tears because now brushing through her hair is an enjoyable experience.

Note:  If you have damaged your hair by blow drying it every day and are looking for something to bring your hair back to life this is a great product that will help your hair look and feel healthy again.  I  usually let my hair air dry and will only blow dry my hair once a week.

After detangling my hair I apply the Argan Oil Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil by OGX to the ends of my hair (while it’s still damp).    This is the best kind of hydration for me! Argan oil is so moisturizing for your hair and skin.  I use this specifically as a leave-in treatment but you can use it before washing your hair, or in the shower before conditioner or just applying all over your body for healthy smooth skin!  It also smells wonderful which makes it even more worth it.. It’s so amazing that I will drive late at night or early morning to my local drugstore and stock up on my “can’t live without” hair product.  This oil is great for smoothing and closing split end and it helps reduce frizzy hair.  I sometimes put a little bit on the ends of my hair before going to bed.  This won’t leave my pillow case greasy at all because my hair and skin absorbs the Argan Oil Morocco Miracle In Shower Oil very very quickly.  I really love that.

Note:  This won’t necessarily leave your hair looking “shiny”.  That’s the job of a styling product I would say.  I’ll make a separate post on that if you would like me to.

There you have it guys.  The two drugstore products that helps keep my hair smooth and very manageable.  I don’t travel much but when I do, I always take these two hair products with me.  ALWAYS.  You can find these products at Target, Walgreens and Walmart.




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